Which Ethernet cable for the NSS 333?

I have currently connected a Chord C-line cable (in combination with the EE8switch) connected to my NSS 333. As this is the budget cable from Chord I wonder which better/more expensive cable matches best with the NSS 333.

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Your system is likely only a few months old - barely run in - perhaps far to early to be making worthwhile listening judgments,

  • No details in your profile regarding supports or mains - these things can have greater significant than i/cs.

  • What did your search of all the many threads on patch cables suggest, NC units are no different to previous units?

  • What have your own listening auditions of the alternatives revealed?

  • Price is rarely a determining factor, your setup, preferences, listening room will all likely be more significant!

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My system consists of:

  • NSS 333
  • Connected with Chord Sarum XLR cables to the NAC 332 (powered by the NPX 300)
  • NAC 332 connected with Chord Signature XLR cables to NAP 350’s
  • Chord Signature speaker cables
  • Sopra No2 speakers
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None, in my experience. C-Stream is all you need. I use Designacable Belden Catsnake 6a (floating) throughout. It’s even cheaper and really excellent.



About 6 months ago I attended 300 series demonstration event organised by acoustica.

5 or 6 systems ALL using chord C stream cables.

I now use C stream, even though I’m not using a 300 series streamer. :grin:

Didn’t notice any fancy switches in use.

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no need for an interrogation, your c-stream will work just fine

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Thanks. Reason for asking was that I recently replaced a standard Ethernet cable with the Chord C line/EE 8switch combination. First I didn’t believe in the influence of Ethernet cables on the system, but the SQ improvement was huge, so I wonder if their is more to gain.

There is. Many threads on this topic here and elsewhere :+1:

A Farad 3 power supply on your EE8 will make a bigger change though.


A combination of Shunyata Sigma and Audioquest Diamond in my 500 System, are sublime. They negate any requirement for noise suppression (ee1) and the like. Will take your system to the next level. IMO Chord are well behind in the high end streaming cable game. Not bad at the lower end but even their own technical support admitted there was very little improvement from the C-Stream to The Music. CATsnake cables also offer huge value.

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Really? They said that? Seems a bit unlikely.


I know you are a Chord officiado Dave. I have to admit I love some of their cables and the ee8 but I stick with my comment that on the Streaming side there are other companies that offer better and more technically advanced options. And yes sometimes you can get an honest opinion from insiders. ATC are wonderfully and refreshingly honest with their opinions. It earns my respect.

Maybe so, but at an eye-watering price :confused:.

Agreed. But the PN offered nothing in my system, whilst the rather costly streaming cables changed things up a level. Makes me very happy when a 3% investment produces a 5% return. Sometimes cost is just relative.

Sure, I’m running Network Acoustics Eno currently and it’s a lot better than basic cables


The ENO and the Network Acoustics Ethernet Cable are the only things that made a substantial difference to my streaming set-up. All the other ethernet cables and switches just made subtle or not so good changes.

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I’d echo the previous comment re adding a Farad 3 LPS to the EE8 before fancy ethernet cables. I did and it made a very noticeable improvement to bass, soundstage and overall solidity of sound. Using this setup with my NDS alongside AQ Vodka ethernet cables

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I feel @BertBird will disagree here.

@frenchrooster and I totally get that. The effect of so called upgrades, is so dependent on both system and listening environment. If the PN provides an uplift, that is a result!


Have naim still not fixed susceptibility to iffy ethernet?

The problem is not iffy Naim, its a mix of myth, snake oil & OCD with Naim owners.