Which move gives best sq?

I’ve got a few variables to consider here though. For one I already have an NDX and an ND5 xs and in this country they are exceedingly difficult to move on, at least for an acceptable return. In which case I now have an opportunity to “get rid” of them both and get an NDX2 from a dealer at a reasonable price. The 252 is considered only because it’s reachable as used as of right now. But I don’t want to be excessive and put loads of funds into the system at once. Which it, in my mind, would be to purchase both a “new” source and 252. It seems as if concensus (almost) here on the forum, so far, is source first, which I can relate to and appreciate. I also manage to interpret, from several discussions here, that the NAC and NAP seem to need some sort of equality of quality so to speak. Therefore a NAC202 with a NAP250 ads up to a somewhat unbalanced system. While a 282/250 or 252/300 makes more of a balanced system, all according to the forum. I would have thought a 252 would work fine with a 200DR and hoped for it too, of course. Finally the source needs to be up to the task, otherwise shortcomings might be exposed by the ever rising transparency of moving up in the hierarchy of nacs and naps. I suppose my speakers are up for going all the way to the 500-series, but that´s a whole other ball game.

So to summarize thus far, First upgrade source, either to NDS or to 555PS powering NDX. Or ad XPS DR to NDX. NDS + 555PS is as much as a new NDX2 which also is an alternative. After that, what ever it becomes, upgrade the NAC, either to 282 or 252.

When quoting costs I´m referring to the used market here in Sweden except for the new NDX2.

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Taking that all into account, grab the 252 if it’s a good deal. Then add an XPS DR to the NDX, then later add either a 250 or 300?

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I think you have come to a sensible conclusion. The 202/200 is very good and improving the source is certainly the way I’d go. I’d definite not add a 252 at this stage. Don’t forget that it’s easy to buy used equipment from the U.K. and have it shipped. You can also sell in the U.K. and post it. There are U.K. dealers who will part exchange too. With the relative weakness of the UKP you should get better value.

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I think it is a good deal but not sure.€3748 with supercap, both vintage 2007 or 8

I´m now discussing home demo of NDX2 with the dealer. The NDX must be shipped here for evaluation so am waiting to hear if that is an option for them. Not to keen on buying unheard. That way I can compare it to my NDX before parting with it.

Thank you for tipping me about buying and selling through UK dealers

@hungryhalibut do you have any dealers you’d like to suggest or are we not allowed to mention dealers on the forum? (I mean hifi-dealers, not the other kind :slight_smile:)

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Ah, hadn’t thought of that.

Hi Lucifer,

When spending this mount of money, which may well expand with time, I would urge you to make the journey to the dealer and follow james_n’s advice.

A good dealer should be able to lead you through the permutations and then lend you the gear; even if it includes postage costs!

An investment in time and shoe leather should help you resolve what your desired endpoint should be, and the best way to get there.



@MrUnderhill you are so right. I hope for starters they will lend me an NDX and when you mention it, I am going to contact them and discuss upgrade path.
All the best

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That sounds very wise. I’ve heard both NDX and NDX2 but not side by side. I’d expect the improvement to be a step rather than a leap, but it would give the opportunity to trade two players against one. I’d expect adding an XPSDR to the NDX to better a bare NDX2 and maybe you could also try that, though it may be simpler to sort the NDX2 and then try a power supply at a later date. Just set your path and don’t get diverted by ‘bargains’ that may pop up.

I was thinking of Tom Tom Audio for trade in; they are very experienced and do loads of second hand stuff.

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I know I obsess a bit but the 555PS comes with a burndy and a powerline. Vintage is 2010 which according to Naim means another 6 years before service is due. It’s sooo tempting :slight_smile:

That said if the xps would mean the ndx betters the ndx2 then a 555ps should too, right?

Note that I have said ‘expect’ a couple of times. You’d need to test NDX/XPS against NDX2 to be sure which you prefer. A 555 should make a much bigger improvement than an XPS. If you got the 555 you’d then have the option of swapping the NDX for an NDS, but of course you would not get the new platform functionality, if that’s important to you.

Yes now noted the word expect :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I want the new platform. I know @Simon-in-Suffolk really likes it but personally don’t know if it sound wise is a sound investment given the relative cost compared to say a used nds. As I mentioned before, it’s a bit less of an outlay to get the nds and the 555ps than get the ndx2 but then I’d sit here with two streamers that seems virtually impossible to sell.

Speak to Tom Tom and see if you can trade two for one.

Will do. Are you primarily thinking NDX2 then?

I was thinking NDS.

Aha, I’ll ask

Good though the 202/200 is I wouldn’t say it was the best match for a NDS/555.
A 555PS on your NDX would really bring it on. I’d perhaps look at this and then trade the 202 for a 282. This would be a more balanced system at similar cost.

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There seems to be many different paths to choose. Which one to take, that is the question?:grin:

I suspect that this is correct. I was mulling over my upgrade options with Steve Sells at a factory tour and asked him this question. He didn’t have a definitive answer and I got the impression that he felt they would be on a par, although he hadn’t done the comparison. He certainly didn’t feel in a position to claim that the NDX2 would be better than an NDX/XPS DR, that was made clear.

In the end I went with an XPS DR on the NDX. A decent uplift, takes the edge off the NDX and is more relaxing to listen to. Next came an NDS still with XPS DR, significant uplift, much larger than adding the PS to the NDX. I’ve now changed to a 555 DR and the step up is very obvious, probably similar to the change to NDS from NDX.

That is very interesting. If an NDX w XPS DR is about equal to an NDX 2 then an NDX 2 would be the choice for me given the difficulties selling my two streamers (NDX and ND5 xs) and the fact that the dealer takes them off my hands att a resonable price. I get as much just trading them in as I would be selling them, go figure?

Also, trading my ND5 xs for an XPS DR would mean a higher outlay by quite a lot of money and leaving me with the old architecture as some here thinks is a bit to old.

I can then add an XPS or a 555PS at a later date if and when I feel the urge to upgrade (which I will).

Well, att least it is one path to follow :smile: