Which move gives best sq?

As you might have seen I am interested in upgrading and got a lot of excellent tips in my other thread about nac252. My system today is 202/200dr, ndx, hicapdr, napsc, all powerlines except napsc. All naim cables. Getting an xps or xps dr or 555 ps would cost maybe €3000 an ndx2 €6500. A NAP 300 would cost €3000. My endgame could be nac 252 (i hope). Where should I start. Can’t afford it all att once.

I’d recommend you go and take a listen to your proposed end game system and then plan from there. Sometimes the end game you had planned in your mind isn’t quite where you want to go when you actually listen to it.


True that. Unfortunately I need to get the gear here to see how it really works out in my room, with my speakers. My experience from listening at dealers is that it doesn’t really give the full story, so to speak.

And it’s unfortunate because I don’t live anywhere near a dealer. The closest one is 250 kilometers.

A 282 & NDX2 should be auditioned.



NDX 2 then XPS DR, I would start there then save up and ask the next question…


Fair enough. I’d start with the NDX2 and the reevaluate options from there :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel I need to rephrase My question a bit just to make it clearer as to which my immediate choices are. So if I were to use €3000-€4000 on an upgrade what would you then choose if you had my system?

  1. Trade in NDX and ND5 xs for NDX2
  2. Buy NAC 252/Supercap vintage 2008
  3. Buy 555PS vintage 2008
  4. Buy NAP 300 vintage 200

@seakayaker and @james_n is pointing me towards the NDX2. Much appreciated advice!
All the best!

You haven’t asked this question but if you have an NDX and an ND5XS you could trade them for an NDS and get a used 555?

I had a 102/180/napsc and hicap and first went to supercap, then replaced 102 with 52 and 180 with olive 250. Then 555ps to replace xps2 (on my cds2). Then swapped cds2 for nd5xs (with hindsight perhaps not the best idea). Then nds to replace nd5xs and then 300 to replace olive 250. Eek - lots of changes but spread over 8 years! (Gone even more mad since then but that’s another story) When I was at 52/250/nd5xs level I was aiming for nds and 300 - took around 5-6 years but I bought when I had the money and opportunity. Nds first to appear so I got that first. Probably the right way round. But the 300 was a really big jump - though maybe only because I already had the 52/sc and nds with 555 powering it

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I would stick with NDX and just get the best power supply for it you can find - 555PS (non-DR) is a very good choice here. Just make sure you have it re-capped.

At a later stage look at the pre-amp.

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If you like what a PSU upgrade does to your NDX, I think you will find it a bigger upgrade than the NDX2, which is quite expensive, especially given the low prices of used NDX. So I would suggest than an XPS or 555PS would be a good place to start.

Yes NDS would also be a choice for me, however a bit more outlay to get both NDS and PS. As of now there is an NDS and a 555PS for sale. Total would be €5600 and then I’d be getting a cuddly toy xps too (it’s in the deal with the NDS)

Avoid that power supply. Been there, done that - not worth it. Just trust me on that.

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Yes I intend to I’m just saying it comes with the NDS. I’m thinking that it might be sellable. Don’t know if the seller is interested in selling just the NDS? and don’t know how the NDS compares to NDX2 given it’s vintage? However the NDX2 is pricier.

Good - just get a decent 555PS for your NDS.

Here’s a bit of 'heresy’ for you.
Actually NDS is still a first class streamer, giving ND555 a seriously good run for it’s money. NDX2 is OK, but not a match for it.

Did some extended demos with a mate of mine who owns both NDS and ND555 and it took us a while to really tell them appart. And we have both owned NDSs for many years. Of course ND555 in full swing, without intitial implementation errors will outperform NDS. But it’s not a nigh-and-day difference.

So - if you can afford it - just get that NDS and search for a good pre-loved 555PS to power it. Just make shure that the NDS comes with Burndy cables (555PS does not have them)


Interesting and thanks for your “heretical” view of those top-tier nd-players:)

@Adam.Zielinski and @ChrisSU adding the 555ps is one way I thought of going. Are you both saying that it would make for a better more worthwhile upgrade than an NDX2?

Thank you for your feedback it´s much appreciated😊

I think it’s the right choice - I run my NDX with non-DR 555PS (that is a deliberate choice). My NDS is powered by a 555DR though - again, a deliberate choice.

Meaning you prefer the ndx with non-dr I suppose?!

I tried 555PS DR and 555PS non-DR on my NDX. Found the non-DR version just more pleasant. To my ears DR version introduced some harshness, which I did not like.


I’d be starting with the XPS DR then the NDX2 The 202/200 should be well capable of responding to the better source, as my SN2 has been. And that gives an end-game streaming source.

As you have the HiCAP DR, then the 282 is a good fit even with the 200 maybe, or with the 250 DR. Otherwise jump the 282 for the 252 and SuperCap, for a lot more money. At that point you probably need to compare the 282/250 versus 252/300.