Which record cleaner do you recommend?

Looking to upgrade my record cleaner from my current Knosti Disco to a better one. I believe ultrasonic cleaners are at the top? Is that the case? If so any in particular recommended?

PS: my budget is £500 max

Humming Guru for that money.


I also use the Knosti now and I’m very pleased with it. What is it that you don’t like?

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Humminguru great reasonably priced ultrasonic cleaner.

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I am happy with Knosti but I’m led to believe that ultrasonic cleaners do a better job apparently

Humminguru is what I use and find it does a good job. I have never used any other RCM so can’t vouch how it compares just FYI.

I was considering the same thing a while ago, with my intention of going for the Humminguru. But then I had a complete rethink and have stuck with the Knosti, with a few changes.

I didn’t like the cleaning solution as i found that it left residue, so I now make my own - distilled water, isopropyl alcohol and a drop of Tergitol.

I also bought a second Knosti bath for rinsing. By using the 2 baths it saves a lot of time and the process is so much more efficient. The results are far better too!

I suppose it depends on how many LPs you have to clean and how important time is, for me the time isn’t an issue and I actually enjoy it.

Although a fan of the Humminguru I retain my Knosti in addition for grubby used buys. The physical action of the brushes is better at removing visible grease/oil etc than the US machine is.

When I was in the game I found “L’art du Son” to be the best.


Humminguru. Don’t hesitate.
If you want the best : Degritter


Used an Okki Nokki previously with good results.


I do not consider cleaning records in general the most stimulating part of this hobby in fact it’s boring.

However it’s a necessity if you like playing vinyl so my Pro - Ject VC does the business.

ATB Graham

I have tried a few different cleaning machines and also have a disco Antistat by Knosti (which is probably the biggest bargain of them all). I think with that budget the Pro-ject VCS3 is the leading option and indeed I was about to buy one - however!!

A PR agent just dropped the Keith Monks Prodigy in to me and it’s just staggeringly good…

Far quieter than the Pro-ject machines and in my experience this is just brilliantly effective. Ancient albums sound like CD they are so quiet. It’s as good as the Loricraft machine I reviewed at under half the price (though doesn’t have the Loricraft’s exquisite build quality).

So I have decided buy right, buy once and plan to purchase one of these. It’s the cheapest machine with a quiet suction motor and a vortex style suction head available that I have found. Personally I think the fact that both the Loricraft and Keith Monks machines concentrate their sucking action over a small area gives them an advantage over the slot style suction machines.

Jonathan G

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I use Stylast cleaner for the stylus - it’s in a bottle like nail varnish, with an applicator brush.

And I use a Telefunken brush to clean each record before it plays.

I have a Kleeny - very nice and capable. And small?

The Degritter Mk II is the best record cleaner I have ever used, but way out of the OP’s stated budget.

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With that budget I would have bought a Pro-Ject…

I used to have a Record Doctor V and it was a cost-effective solution to cleaning dirty LPs. However, it was manual, and the vacuum suction was quite loud. I did not have a huge collection so not a pressing issue. The latest one has gone up in price significantly, but it is quicker (clean both sides), a bi-directional rotating motor and not so loud according to a YouTube review.

I think a better validator for which machine to purchase is total records owned. I have around 550 records and while I lusted after the Degritter at $5k AUD it works out to about $10 per record which is obscene. The Humminguru on the other hand comes out at under $2 per record comparatively so for my collection it made more sense.

Now if I had 5,000 records…

I do have 5000+ LPs, and the Degritter is brilliant. A very well justified expense. I also buy used classical from 60s and 70s, and the Degritter does an excellent job deep cleaning them. For new records I give them a clean in the Degritter with just plain distilled water and no detergent.

In the U.S. I paid $3500 for the Degritter Mk II, an extra tank (used for detergent cycle), a 10" LP adapter, and extra filters.

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