Which speakers do you use on your NAP 500 DR?


I am interested, which speakers do you use on your NAP 500 DR.

I have now a pair ProAc K6 Signature and I am not shure if I should change to Focal Utopia.

Room about 32sqm.


PMC MB2S, very happy

Ovator S600


Neat MF9s, now replaced by Neat with XL10s, though they might prove to be a little too much for your room, given that they like to be stood off the wall a bit.

Nevertheless, given the established synergy between Neat speakers, and Naim kit, it’s well worth having a home demo of something else from their range.

Focal Maestro Utopia 3’s. The speakers have a very low dip in impedance to 1.7. I’m not enough of an expert to understand the full ramifications other than they are power hungry. With that said my only complaint has been the lack of bass in older music. I think that is an indication of the music, not the speakers. On 95% of the music that I listen to they are excellent. My solution, just don’t play the music that sound weak or thin, i.e. Zeppelin Kashmir or anything by the Doors. In my situation, there is no chance of in home demo, if I could my first speaker to look at would be a Magico S5Mk2, the safest choice Kudos 808’s.

Naim SL2s

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@Whiskymat looking at the size of our room, your speakers should be excellent. Just wondering, what deficiency are you looking to fix with different speakers?

It all depends on what the rest of your system is and the sound you prefer. There is no such thing as ‘should’ when it comes to the choice of speakers. Every Focal I’ve heard has sounded dreadful to me, but it’s just so personal.


A week on Monday I will have Kudos Titan 808s. And a new 500


I am using D28 on 500 in 60m2, planning to go K6 Sig. What finish are yours? image

What ever suits your room and system

To quote Merriman-Webster, one of the uses of should is, “to express what is probable or expected”. With that said, I would expect your speakers to be excellent in your room, However, rooms can be difficult, strange, etc… I believe @ChrisBell owns your very speakers with a 500 system and loves them. Of course different rooms and different ears. Good luck with your quest but rest assured you have a great set of speakers. If you do decide to go to Focals just remember they are good enough for Naim to merge with them.

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I use Focal Electra 1028be with mine. Previously the speakers have worked with 250.2 and then a 300DR. They just seem to step up every time I’ve upgraded something upstream of them. :smile:

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There was a thread at the start of the year,which had an interesting breakdown of the models. I suspect a few people have changed since then.


Sopra-3 ,no regrets. Room dependent of course.

For me it’s my trusty old DBL’s.


I use Fact12’s and quite happy but never actually had anything else high end to compare. I do like being able to use them close to the wall due to the front ports.

Anyone recommend other speakers that can be used near a wall?

@Innocent_Bystander had sumerized similar thread already. He could copy and paste the results.

Hi Mat,

ProAc K6 Signature and Focal Utopia series are very different speakers.

The Focal Utopias are very revealing with a clean low end. Really nice speakers.

I own a full 500DR system driving a pair of Magico S3 MkII in a 38 m2 room.

I used Kudos 808’s as well with a 500…hard to fault and flexibility in placement -should add them to your short list.

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