Which vinyl releases/re-releases trumped CD/streaming for you?

I’m losing faith in vinyl.

Hated CDs. Have embraced streaming/hi-res digital downloads, but have tried to diversify my vinyl collection in recent years.

I’m now tired of paying £25 average for a poor vinyl pressing when the music is already owned on an older vinyl/other format or available in one of my many subscription streaming services.



I don’t buy huge amounts of vinyl but have had to send only two back in several years. I have subs to Tidal and Qobuz so vinyl is just a nice treat.

I’m generally too lazy to send stuff back unless there are major faults, probably the wrong approach especially with Amazon who would probably replace regardless.

Also have Tidal/Qobuz as well as Apple Music. I’m increasingly finding the simplicity of streaming to be a major factor.

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Streaming is simpler, and cheaper but vinyl just has that ‘something’ that I like.

I note from your profile you have a Radikal, do you also have a Karousel?


I’ve always been a vinyl proponent - so yes went for the Karousel upgrade deal and got the Kore, Trampolin and non-posh Radikal to replace my Lingo 1 alomg with a Krystal though feel a Dynavector may have been better in hindsight.

Maybe it’s rising costs generally but I’m reappraising automatically buying new versions of worn old but well-loved vinyl or enjoyable new releases as they are so expensive compared to the annual streaming subs. 6-8 new LPs would likely gets me an annual unlimited Qobuz/Tidal subscription. It really makes you think.


fwiw I’m struggling with the impacts of my purchasing.

How to benefit artists.
How to reduce my burden on the planet.
Then sound quality.

I could buy all media second hand. Minimising environmental impact, but not really benefiting artists.
I could buy loads of new media, benefiting artists but not terribly good for the environment.
I could stream everything, and have the cloud service impact to worry about.
I could buy downloads, and have to run a local NAS in addition to my HiFi gear

And then there’s quality!

So whilst I prevaricate, I’m running a CD player, streamer and TT, and buying CDs, vinyl, both new and used, and the occasional download streamed from a Mac mini :person_facepalming:


Vinyl is just a medium for nostalgic people. The sound is coloured , not real.
Digital is the only true format, 100% accurate.
I don’t know if you will believe me.

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I only buy used or ‘pre-loved’ LP’s, from many years back. I think there is one that I returned, for being unacceptably noisy - it was refunded.

I just accept that there will be some clicks & pops.

I guess I would not be happy with this, if I had paid say £25-00, for a ‘new’ Vinyl release…

I’m confused. You do have a Rega P10/Lyra Kleos combo, don’t you? I’m beginning to think you’re not a real rooster? Maybe not even French!!!:joy::rofl:


Rumbled at last Tony.
It is I LeClerc :disguised_face:

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Whichever way we do most things there’s always a downside - so like yourself I do all - plus whilst streaming seems the common way nowadays, I still like my own copy and I think - tho someone please correct me if I’m wrong - artists only get a very small income from the streaming companies. Use tidal merely to check recommendations etc then buy - cd first & rip to Core - then LP if its from a favourite artist/band. And it doesn’t help that our internet connection isn’t all its cracked up to be - good job we’ve moved on from the old dial-up services!

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Troll alert ! :rofl: :wink:


That sounds very familiar apart from the CD player which is not connected.

I find it rather sad that CDs/DVDs are being treated as waste (possibly recyclable) but in reality so few people would bother anymore with audio/video streaming services. Suspect there are still many things on DVD (often old TV shows that never quite live up to nostalgic memories) which are not quite popular enough for streaming services to included them, though Britbox catalogue is expanding constantly.

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That’s the problem, they are not particularly cheap these days. With rising costs in so many areas, unless there’s something I really want the vinyl seems a bit extravagant when I still have so much in storage I could be playing.

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I run a record player and subscribe to Tidal I don’t own a CDP and I’d say it’s about 80 - 20 in favour of vinyl when it comes to SQ and it’s almost exclusively the brand new releases that I buy that are amongst the 20%.

Music rather than hifi was always my hobby and I much prefer the physical ownership of music as apposed to streaming though I really enjoy my tIdal service. In the past month I’ve bought four records direct from the artist himself and have had direct communication with him which is just the best.

Or somebody else hijacked my profile :laughing:


Which is why I only buy old, used ones… Much cheaper… :crazy_face:

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And with careful choosing and an RCM it’s great :+1:

Thats all I do… No RCM here… :astonished:

I’m surprised. You’re missing a trick here. :slightly_smiling_face:
The ability to transform grubby records into almost as new is wonderful.