Which was the first album / CD you bought?

The first album I bought was Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.


The first record i bought was America’s Holiday and my first CD was Journeys to Glory from Spandau Ballet.

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Paul Kossoff’s guitar playing absolutely brilliant

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Yes ! I am agree with you ! Plase take a while to visit FREE APPRECIATION SOCIETY website with several tracks to listen to (for free) ! Especially this link Free Appreciation Society: Paul Kossoff - September 14, 1950 - March 19, 1976 “Swamp Man” track played on Martha Velez LP 'Fiends And Angels’ . Amazing !

First album (tape)

MC Hammer: Too Legit to Quit

First CD

Madonna: The Immaculate Collection

No matter how dire an album is, as a rule, I never get rid of them (unless they were on tape). They are like a diary… well except there was one so atrocious I folded it in half until it shattered across the room. In hindsight, even that end was too good for it.


I very much enjoy the mentality there! I have a lot of albums I no longer listen to due to having a shift in musical taste, but they were me at some point. It’s fun to just go through and remember what you did and enjoyed back then!

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Electric Muse, was a collection that I played to death back in the seventies. Thanks for the memory.

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I first LP was Deep Purple in Rock

Followed swiftly by the Yes Album, which I enjoyed more, and is still a favourite, even if my tastes have shifted to Jazz, over the years.




If memory serves me correctly, first album was:

Electric Warrior - T.Rex

First CD was:
Invisible Touch - Genesis


Before I built my first hifi at age of 15, my brotherr had a Dansette type record player, and had Pink Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets, Moody Blues’ On the threshold of a dream, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 paired with something I don’t remember and Ten Years After’s Ssssh (plus a couple of other things I didn’t care for). Those were the first albums I played- on his record player when he was out (getting into trouble when ho found out, invariably because I forgot to return the treble and bass controls from max where I preferred them back to his preferred positions). When I started buying music we agreed to share with each other and not duplicate, and I am struggling to remember what was actually my first album purchase. I think it was Shades of Deep Purple - a record I was attracted to try in the record shop because of its gorgeous colour! I cannot be certain, but as it stands at the moment it is my best guess:

Absence of album covers is the one disadvantage of buying music as files to stream - yes I can view them online, but not an automatic thing one is forced to see, and no handling of it. (CDs were in between - yes they had artwork, but too small to be enjoyable in their own right.


Interestingly in my case my taste has not shifted, still liking everything I did 50+ years ago, just a very handful or so of albums I discarded I made the mistake of buying either assuming the new release would be good on the strength of an artist’s past, or captivated by something in brief hearing in record shop but not taking to it. However my taste has widened somewhat, most notably into opera.

Thank you.
Paul Kossoff left this world far too soon. One of my favourite guitarists


I bought three All Things Must Pass, Eat A Peach and Cosmos Factory – played all three to death


Singles were popular … back then. Mine was don’t go breaking my heart😊


Chris Barber - ‘Petite Fleur’. First record purchase with my own money I think! This was a 1971 compilation on the Hallmark label in electronically created stereo. It included the classic title track from 1959 with Monty Sunshine on Clarinet. I had heard this on an old ‘78’ at a schoolfriend’s house, hence this purchase from Woolworth’s!


Tubular Bells - Wikipedia
Mike Oldfield - ‘Tubular Bells’ (1973). First ‘serious’ record purchase at near full price. I paid £2.99, reduced from £3.25 and bought a plastic wallet to go with it! Woolworth’s again, in 1976 or 1977!


Holst - ‘The Planets’. First classical vinyl. I had heard some of this in school and bought this budget price recording on the MFP label, probably in early 1972. I think this will be the first recording of this work for many of a certain age. Woolworth’s again, didn’t buy all my records from there!


My first LP was by my beloved band Sweet, bought in Yugoslavian Split sometime in 1978. I was overjoyed :slight_smile: - http://www.jugi3.ch/homepage/albums/1977_sweet_golden_greats.jpg

  1. Not just Star Wars. This was my first, closely followed by Geoff Love doing Bond themes (I’m with you @TheKevster )