Which way would you go?

I think I might know what your suggestions would be.
I have a DAC-V1 straight into a NAP300DR and then Spendor A9.
Yes horribly unbalanced I know - it resulted from an interrupted upgrade journey.
Anyway I now have some decent funds to complete my upgrade.
My first thought was to sell my NAP300DR and go all New Classic and get a NSC 222, NAP250, and NPX300.
But for about the same money (except for no proceeds from selling my NANSSP300DR) I could get a NS333 and NAC332 feeding my NAP300DR.
I think that makes the most sense - my only worry is that I would probably be tempted down the line to spend even more on the NAP350s !

I know - audition will tell me. Wondered what you would do though ?

333 and 332 for me. The 300 dr will serve them well and as you say, it leaves something for future upgrades. :grinning:

For 333/332 money you could pick up a used NDX2, 252/SC which will mate perfectly to your 300DR. You might be able to squeeze-in a power supply for the NDX as well.

There is an abundance of used deals out there right now.


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I agonised over this a bit in February. I previously owned a 252/SCDR/300 system with an NDAC on front. It had been bought used in various places, mostly private sales. In retrospect the 252 and the 300 needed servicing, as the 300PS hummed badly, there was a slight hiss and it just didn’t sound as good as it should have done (though a step up from the 202/200). Disillusioned at the cost of the service I sold it on and went to a Devialet (also more kitten friendly).
I came back to Naim with the NC series, attracted by it being a more modern approach, having a transformer off standby, no humming, nice integration of modern streaming, no immediate need for service costs etc.
As well as listening you should bear these things in mind…
I like the OC stuff as much as any one and enjoy the system pics, but I think for living with it a 300 or 200 NC system is hard to beat. Good prices ex dem around as well…
I have a 222/300/250 but if I had the cash I would probably have gone for the 333/332.

There are ex demo and trade in 332 becoming available for around £6K. Great sounding pre.

That would be my recommendation if you can find recent/recently-serviced gear.


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