Which wine are you drinking? Tell us about it

Curly Flat Pinot Noir with the entrées. Very fine.
Yabby Lake Shiraz with the main course (Wagyu say no more).
Mini bar has Red Claw Pinot Noir and Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc.
I refuse to leave.

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Sorry to hear that, take care mate :+1:


The recent Penfolds love in reminded me I still had a bottle that I purchased last year, so time to decant for later

Penfolds Max Shiraz Cabernet 2017, later vintages can still be acquired for around £20 in the UK. A lovely way for somebody to sample a Penfolds at a decent enrty point.


Take care and best wishes


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This might be the very best SB I’ve ever tasted.

Pretty well paired with grilled tuna steaks & chopped chives in quality olive oil.


Well John

Didn’t get to the Moss Wood last evening with friends ( they dragged out a couple of others). Naturally I didn’t leave at their house but promised to hold and consume with them next year or so ( we are great friends)

However we consumed the Cullen - absolutely magnificent, smooth, nicely integrated , not overly heavy at all. When ready I’m sure you will really enjoy it

Will go longer , I have a few more bottles which I’ll bring out over the next few years


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Eoin.

I thought things had gone a bit quiet recently on the West Yorks. front.

Hopefully, your upcoming scan will resolve things, and you’re soon feeling much better once more.

In the meantime, I do requests, so get yer windaes open, an’ drop us a line on yon music thread. :joy:


Wishing you a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed.

Can’t say I’ve drunk a lot of Italian wines thought I’d crack this tonight and hoping it’ll go with lamb.

It’s nice and deep in colour and is rather interesting to the nose.

If anyone know anything about the wine or it’s maker I’d be interested to hear.


Get well soon.


So after having been to the off-licence in Sydney I can see what you mean by premium


Now that our all-inclusive sojourn is over, we have come down to earth. I am surprised how pricey the native wines are here. Maybe this is due to govt tax or some such. Anyway we are trying some of these…


The 2 either side aren’t bad either.

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Goodness me William

Gone up dramatically in price

When I purchased the 2010 vintage from memory around $110

$100 actually William

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I got the impression that some of the wines were overpriced. The Bin 28 that we bought in Alice Springs for $50 was €70 here. They were looking $79 for Bin 128, also $20 more expensive.

The Sauv Blanc is going down easily :clinking_glasses:

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Your dead right about the prices they have skyrocketed over the past year or so.

The Adelaide Hills ones are quite ok , as are the Tasmanian ones

Nothing like most of those horrible Marlborough Kiwi ones , albeit a few beauties come from there also