Whimsical moment. What do you long to hear at home?


There is only one question that interests me in my NaimWorld. How would a NAC552 sound here at my place with CD5XS, FCXS, NAP155XS and my Allaes?

Of course I will never know.

Which Naim bits do you long to hear at home in your set? Be as whimsical or as serious as you like. But please don’t troll me for expressing enthusiasm.

Best to All,

A naim CD2.

With kids … peace and quiet …

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I’d like to hear an NDX2 then an ND555 just to hear what it’s about, but it’s not a longing more of a casual interest.

The NAT 01, easily achievable but the aerial is more problematic and the impending end of FM that never seems to quite arrive has preventing me from making the effort. Internet radio, even via a 555, still has a way to go to beat even my NAD tuner for enjoyment.

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I’ve never heard any really high end speakers :drooling_face:. Actually that isn’t quite true - I’ve heard SL2s active driven by 500s but that’s all. I’ve never bothered to audition any because I wouldn’t be able to accommodate them within our home, nor afford the electronics needed to drive them. I would be fascinated to listen to a very good pair - something along the lines of Kudos 808s - driven by matching electronics, OR the best pair of speakers our existing amp - a 250DR could drive well.

Excuse the brief thread drift, but you really need to arrange a home demo of something from Neat Acoustics … I’ve had various different models along my Naim journey, and their speakers seem to have a natural synergy with Naim kit,


I’m not in the market for spending any serious money for a year or two and wouldn’t want to waste the time of my dealer lugging speakers out to the house. Maybe in a year or two when I am better able to follow through with a purchase I will ramp up the courage :grinning:

Predictable perhaps, but it would have to be a Naim Statement - even if just the S1 pre-amp.

And yes Chris, I can then try it feeding a NAP110 into my SL2s… :slight_smile:


Oh yes. With some improbably-priced cabling to go with it :innocent:

No need Nick. I heard the Statement with bog standard NACA5 and it was still stunning.


Back in the day I yearned for aLP12 with a six pack driving Isobariks. Since then things have moved on - I echo Richards thoughts on the Statement. I’ve heard it at three demos and have entranced, but those blocks are only something exotic in my dreams.

Let’s see - I’d like to hear a really nice LP-12. And I’d like to hear Magico M2 speakers.

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I’ve heard my 552-DR with a 155XS at home, when my 500 went back for its DR upgrade. The dealer was kind enough to lend me one. It was gigantic fun. It bounced about like a puppy with two tails. Yeah, it was coloured and lacking subtlety, but it was impossible not to tap along with.

One could hardly expect it to have the transparency, poise, grip and sheer realism of a 552. In some ways, it put me a bit in mind of Jimmy Page. Brash, sloppy, bombastic, big fun and absolutely perfect timing. I’d take the in-your-face-but-honest 155SX over the bland-as-processed-cheese 200 or the tries-too-hard-and-falls-down 250 any day of the week, if I couldn’t get my hands on a 300 or a 500.

But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

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I would happily settle for a six pack driving Isobariks!


It would be very interesting to get a home audition with my system of one of those super standmounts.
Magico Q1 is an example. Very expensive, very high tech. Very capable apparently.
Get a great dealer to set them up - then take me through upgrades of source, amplification (that should only fit on 3 shelves) and cables to take them to the limits.

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Thanks for all your replies, and thank heavens I’m not the only fantasist here!

Actually, I’m starting to see a job for a man with van, from Naim, delivering various Naim items, new and old, around the country. Ever wondered how those SBLs would sound active in your home but were never flush enough for a Snaxo, second HC and another NAP250? He’s your man. Obviously he’d be carrying lengths of expertly made up NACA5 too as well as various bits of isoblue, Fraim etc :-))

He’d say, ‘it’s yours for a week mate, see you next weekend’.

Being greedy, I’d like to.hear the following at home;
a) Naim SL2 speakers (which seem much loved around these parts) replacing my current speakers
…and for something completely different
b) ND555/555ps + Statement.preamp + ATC SCM50ASL. I presume the Statement.and the ATCs could be connected together satisfactorily.

Chap might need a bigger van :slight_smile:

…and baliffs. Once he delivered either of the above I’m not sure I would willingly return them. …