Whish list Ability to change sound


This might be a stupid question, but why is there no way for me as an end user to have the choice of changing the sound to my own liking on the Mu-so 2?

I’m just use to ”cheap” streamer speaker around 3-400 euro but hey all had some options to change the sound, either in a equlizer och bass/treble settings for the speaker.

I understand that you have put in a lot of effort and money to make the sound to a golden ear standard in a studio somewhere.

From my perspective as a first time buyer, sjelling out a *%£$ of money (from my perspective) living in an apartment with two sub 4-year old children running around, no expensive vibration canceling shelves and expensive hi-fi stuf.

For me, it would have been so nice to have the option to alter the sound with a equalizer or bass/treble setting, this would make this mu-so more easily placed in my home and therefor more versitile.

I could place it on a shelf where the kids cant reach it.
Now its way to boomy in base and it would be so nice to be able to turn the base down.

The three options where i could choose placement isn’t really enough for this.

If i could wish anything for the Mu-so, it would be some kind of setting in the muso-app, to alter the sound to my liking/living situation or more placement option.

That couldn’t be impossible to do with the current hardware through the app??

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On the qb 2 I have options from the (android) app under settings / audio settings to turn ‘loudness’ on or off and also some room compensation options based on where it is placed I a room. Do you have those and do they help?

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Surely this simply means you have purchased the wrong product for your space.


Yeah… i’ve turned off loudness.
Wrong product?
So it may be, but i was just wondering why it isn’t more adjustable, when it can be?

It has dsp and should be able to change the sound.
Is everyone just happy with ”this is how it sounds, nothing can change” and didn’t wish that it had a equalizer or bas/trebble settings or other dsp-settings?

My 10 year old Yamaha reciever has a good dsp for classical music but i can just set it to sci-fi and get a completely different sound.

I mean, when its possible, why lock it to one specific sound and dont even let someone adjust base?

To me that answer is like:

-Oh, you bought a Aston Martin after reading that it got the car of the year award?
And you want to drive it to work?

-Sorry, the gearing is optimal for Brands hatch at high speeds only and you can’t really adjust the seats forward or backwards since they are perfect for our testdriver Rogers length. Even though it would be possible.
But you can change the color of the grill.

I’m not being ungrate here, the app has of lot of great features, but im missing this.

If I produced things I would def listen to customers suggestions instead of telling them to spend their money elsewhere.

Since i don’t seem to be the same lenght as Roger maybe this forum isn’t the right for me.

I’m sure this could turn into a long thread where people shout at each other. But anyway Naim don’t provide tone controls or any DSP-based sound correction because, they say, it inevitably worsens the sound quality.

There is also the somewhat spurious argument that the customers should hear the sound as the artist/recording engineer intended (which does ignore that the room, furnishings, loudspeakers and the listeners’ ears are certainly different to those of the artist/sound engineer).

Anyway so far Naim doesn’t provide anything except the loudness and wall proximity settings in their two entry level products).

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Tnx for your reply
I can buy that, even though each ear/furniture/rooms are different and could use adjustment.

At least I got a 30 days trial, so i’ll see if i keep it.

As per my original post really. You decide what you need and then buy that product. You don’t buy the product and try to berate/wish it into something else.

I’ve no desire to get into a debate about the merits or otherwise of graphic equalisers or tone controls but I don’t think it’s relevant here.


Just get Roon, use parametric EQ or Convolution and call it a day

He’s got a muso 2, as he says a few posts up, so the possibilities are more limited than that.

Roon works fine with Muso 2s. :thinking:

But it isn’t free…

Paradise never is……

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Granted :smiley:
What I was trying to convey was that the cost of Roon is fine if you want all its functionality but perhaps less so if you simply want to add EQ functionality to your Muso.

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Half as much again as Muso…

Get Roon and you can do anything you want with dsp.

But it doesn’t need to be £800. There’s an on-going cost I’ll grant you but sadly the OP didn’t do their homework and wants fully configurable DSP. And I’m not aware of any free options…

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There’s an old Yorkshire saying: you get nothing for nothing and very little for sixpence!

Just goes to show you can’t please all of the people all of the time

Ooh Muso’s more expensive than last time I saw - 1/3rd. But in practice I think the OP simply has bought the wrong product.

I heard the Muso once, and thought it was by far the best sound I’d heard from what I consider to be a boombox, but too expensive for such a relatively limited device.