Who will be or won't be playing Xmas music this weekend?

I am wondering if there are others like me who will not be playing Xmas tunes?
I might hear some if they are played on R6.

If like me you are avoiding Xmas-themed music, what will you be listening to?

I will likely listen to a mix of favourites from this year and a selection from my music buying back to my first album (or record for that matter) at the end of 1969, using a WH Smiths token to buy the double steel album by Chicago, which may or may not get played.

Of music bought this year, I think a will most likely be playing Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Katy J Pearson, Mysterines and Mattiel. I will likely take a dive into my vinyl and play something I haven’t listened to for some time and go back to a few faves alongside looking through the app at ripped CDs for a neglected album or two plus a playlist of fav songs to play as I eat and cook.


My wife was playing Kate Rusby’s Christmas concert today


Been maxing out on Christmas music of one type of another for much of the last 2 weeks, covering a wide variety of genres from classical, through ‘lounge’ to more modern. My daughter suggested Justin Bieber a short while back but the line has to be drawn somewhere……


Nope. I mean yes. Someone is watching me type. :roll_eyes:

Just started this evening with an Amazon playlist Christmas Crooners. We will put a film on next of Mrs Bruss’ choosing.

Well, I will be listening to my LP “Luciano Pavarotti O Holy Night”. Sublime.

I’m a Christmas music guy; jazz (Vince Guarardi), Pop (Bare Naked Ladies) anf lots of others. I have a collection on vinyl, CD and stream as well.

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day a few tunes will get played.

The commercialization and seasons length has just sucked the joy out of Christmas music for me. So a few of my favorite albums Saturday night and Sunday will add some joy and pleasure.

Yes I dug out my Fav Album–ah Bliss :crazy_face:

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In the year when Raymond Briggs left us, I will definitely be watching The Snowman and playing Walking In The Air - both the original Peter Auty version and the McFly version I enjoyed discovering last week off the back of the 40th anniversary Ch4 documentary.

Rest well, dear Raymond.


I’ll probably pay sone Christmas music (I’ve got a copy of a Now that’s what I call music Christmas album), and some Christmas carols in the run up to Christmas Eve Polish supper tomorrow for an hour ow or two while last minute (last hour!) preparations are taking place, and possibly first thing on Christmas Day morning.

Otherwise no idea what music or when - it will all depend on what we as a family decide to do, and choice of music is always down to mood at the time - but it’s a time for four of us enjoying each other’s company, so most of the time music will be background of music we all like.

Finally cleared some space for the tree which I left Mrs AC and the kids to sort out while I went out to do food shopping.

I thought I’d put some Christmas Music on and assumed Qobuz would have a playlist - they probably do but I ended up with a Disney playlist which was probably more fun for them.

I like various Xmas albums on occasion, but I haven’t been playing any this year. I’m an atheist so I really couldn’t care less about the holiday in general. As a cyclist it’s the season when motorists are the most hateful and hostile towards us (too much in a hurry to get to church and shopping I suppose), so I could do without the whole thing anyway. I think the whole commercialization of it is a big turn off, and as an atheist I can’t but laugh at it all.

Some years I play a variety of Renaissance (German is best), Baroque and jazz xmas music, but it hasn’t interested me so much this year.

Interesting thoughts.

I’m neither an atheist or a regular churchgoer, perhaps I’d consider myself more a traditionalist.

While Christmas seems the ‘correct time’ to play Christmas music (popular or traditional) if it’s genuinely enjoyable or good why limit it to a few weeks of the year?

Something with a bloke on a bog just appeared then disappeared, either that or I’m hallucinating :woman_shrugging:

I don’t have any such limitations. I play music that suits my fancy when it suits my fancy. Nothing is really seasonal for me. Even though I’m an atheist there are times I love playing Renaissance masses, for example (i.e. Catholic liturgical music). Before I turned to software engineering I was a musicology graduate student working on medieval/renaissance studies.

It’s not the music I have a problem with; rather, it’s all the hypocrisy of the holidays I witness.

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I think that’s what I was trying to say :grinning:


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I have worked retail for over 40 years, if anyone puts on Christmas music at my house will be shot. Just kidding, of course we listen to Christmas music…


People who practice hypocrisy at Christmas do it year round. Christmas just brings it to the light.

All very well and good but

are hanging up a stocking on your wall?