Why dusnt my naim xs play with my cd 5i

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Why dont my Naim XS not play with my cd 5i with an normal cinch kabel, de cd plays only with the Naim din kabel.

Have you selected RCA as output on your cd player? Done via remote.

No, how can i do that Neilb?
Have bouth the receiver and the cd player last week second hand.
Frendly regards Thomas.

Hi…the remote control will change the setting. Its in the instruction manual for the CD player.

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Please refer to the link above, it has all the information about which buttons to press.

SpeciFically here CD5i output options

With the remote in CD mode you press and hold DISP then toggle pressing DISP to select O DIN, oo RCA, or O oo RCA & DIN (not recommended for best performance). Then press and hold DISP to exit.

Ok thanks Neilb.
I will try it this afternoon.
With frendly regards from Enschede Holland.

Hello Neilb.
Its ok! The player plays both rca and the Naim snaic now. Have you a a good succestion for a good speaker cable?
Thanks ! With frendley regards.

I will get the obvious in first. Naim A5 is the usual recommendation, with at least 3.5metres for each channel.
Although, I believe models such as the Nait XS are more tolerant of speaker cables, generally. More so that the Classic NAP series.
I am sure others will soon add other suggestions.

A agree that Naim’s NACA5 is the first speaker cable you should try. Naim amps are supplied with banana plugs designed to work perfectly with their amps, and you should use these too. They need to be properly soldered, which is not so easy if you’re not experienced. In my experience it is well worth getting this right.
Then you will have a setup that works and sounds as Naim designed it. By all means experiment with other Naim compatible cables if you feel the urge, but if you srert with NACA5 you will have a proper benchmark against which you can compare them.

FWIW - I have used the Naim NAC A5 speaker cable with my Nait XS 2 and SuperNait 2 with three different set of speakers ProAC D2, Naim Ovator S-400 and ProAc D30RS and find the sound to be sublime! I started out with a pair of the lower end Chord speaker cables with my Nait XS 2 and moved to the Naim NAC A5 after the recommendation from my dealer.

I have been quite happy and plan to stick with the Naim speaker cables.

Good luck with your decision…

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