Why this naim system sounds harsh?

Hello Everyone
My current system : Sound Faber Amat tradition, Mcinotsh MA12000, ND555 x 2 555 power supplies for source. Naim powerline for source, Transparent reference cables for Mcinotsh
Headphones set up : Naim Atom HE with Focal Utopia , Sony MDRZ1R. Danacable reference for Utopia Kimber for MDRZ1R

I like the sound from my Unit Atom HE and ND555. They sound fabulous.

I’m considering for a full naim system so I’m doing a home demo, there’s no 300 or 500 series available for demo. So I’m doing a home demo with Nap200 + Nac152 + ND555 x 2 PSU + Amati Tradition.
I find the sound clean , open, detailed. Similar as my Unit Atom HE , but harsh with soprano on opera , basically from treble I guess ? I get fatigued after listing for a hour.
Is it because Nac152 will make me get fatigued easily ?

For 300 and 500 series owners, do you guys get fatigued or find anything harsh from long period of listing?

Linn Speaker cable for NAP 200 + Nac 152 + ND555 + Amati tradition

If you really mean 152 and 200 rather than 552 and 200, then the amp combo is totally out classed by the speakers (and source). A 252/200 or 552/200 should be the starting point, with really a 300 at the minimum (noting your comment on availability, hence the 200 you have at the moment !)

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I wish there are available for demo…

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My system: ND 555/555PS DR/552 DR/300 DR / Superlumina with Sonus Faber Serafino. Sweet trebles, Anything but harsh.

Remove non Naim cables and try a better preamp and amp in Naim hierarchy if you can.

I believe some find 200 series bit forward sounding. I have never for a second felt my 300 as what you describe but I also have bit sweet sounding speakers which is my preference.

This almost seems like asking for disappointment. Comparing a big (18K?) McIntosh 12000 hybrid amp with entry level separate Naim amplification costing less than half? :face_with_monocle:

These Naim amps are also completely out of their depth with the Amati’s and the ND555 source imo.

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I presume it is Sonus Faber “Amati” Tradition? The speakers cost £26,500 and the 152/200 is less than £2k, closer to £1k maybe?

I understand that cost may not directly commensurate with sound quality of the gear. However, the 152/200 may be completely out of place with those speakers. Try something higher up the line with Naim, perhaps starting with NAC 252. If there is none, then wait for it. With Naim, the costlier equipment usually sound better.

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The 200 is not man enough for your system.

we have exactly the same tweeter and midrange.
so you find your trebles sweet, but still harsh ?

Tannoy is sweet and warm

there’s no choice, no better separates for demo.

yeah, but that’s all I can get for demo. so trying to ask for other’s impressions.

I understand. But in this case I think no demo is better than this one… :slightly_smiling_face:

sounds funny and sad

Please try a FCXS on both upgrades on the NAC152XS.

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what is FCXS?

Thanks , but what is FCXS?

As others have said, the Amatis require amps of much more power than a 152/200 set-up, and hooking up a 200 will likely sound like radio music levels e.g. bright, poor bass control - think like Whitney Houston via a transistor radio.

This is a dem not worth doing, and given the operating specs of these speakers (noting they are 4-ohm too, which suggests their impedance curve drops below this - something lower Naim amps struggle with), I don’t think anything less than a 500 would be worth trying IMHO.

The golden rule is to have an amp which can operate with plentiful operating headroom, not be struggling (as the 200 will be here). Playing a 200 could also be dangerous for the kit.

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