Wifi strength

Can anybody tell me if these results are fine enough ?
I changed the commercial tv/ phone/ internet router recently but feel my WiFi is not perfect.

The speed test results are for your internet connection, not your home WiFi, which I would expect to run at higher speeds than that.
Your download speed is fine for web streaming such as Tidal, iRadio etc. although with 11.4 download, I would expect to see more than 0.89 up. Maybe worth questioning your provider about why the upload speed is so slow.

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So what means 0,89 down speed?
And 22 ms ping? Not good I feel ?

0.89 is the upload speed. In ADSL internet services, this is slower than the download speed, but yours is quite a lot slower.

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The ping is the turnaround/reaction time. A gamer would not be superhappy with 20mS but for downloading/streaming and general internetting I would say it is o.k.

The 0.89 would be about 100kbyte/sec and is how fast you can send data from your computer to the internet.

This time in the evening I always get the slowest speed. I use a wireless internet connection plus wifi internally. Right now I have 60Mbps download and 20mS ping.

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Yesterday, my wife was on pc, by WiFi. I was using Naim App which was freezing very often. That 0,89 can explain that ?

My ISP advertises my service as 76Mb/s download with an average of 67Mb/s.
I just tested it & it returned 9ms ping (return time) 69.39Mb/s download & 18.83Mb/s upload
My Naim & TV is ethernet wired the rest is all wifi that reaches all over the house & garage & the signal extends 25m to 35m into the rear garden

It shouldn’t affect it. The speeds shown are the speeds from your house to the Internet (0.89) and from the Internet to your house (11.4) (crudely put), not your internal speeds. If you were using the Naim app to choose music from a local store, then the speed of interest is the internal network speed, which isn’t shown by a speed test. I’d be surprised if 2 users on a domestic system flooded a WiFi network unless it’s got some serious issues in reaching areas of the property.

If you were streaming music from say Tidal, it’s the download speed you’re interested in, Tidal would need about 1Mbps, so unless Madame FR was downloading something big your 11 should be fine.

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I was streaming files from Melco and Miss was reading her mails. It happened 3 times in one week. I restarted my router and phoned to my supplier. It’s strange.

You should check you wifi-environment with a utility that display if you are competing with you neighbors for bandwidth. Wifi is separated into channels and you want one where there are no other strong networks.

Below “Xanadu” is my wifi-network and there is another (BFWLAN) on the same channel, but is such a low level I dont care. If you use 2MHz Wifi it can be much more crowded. I think most routers do this channel-optimization for you, but it may cause problems if it is to crowded.

How to do that?

I use a mac and something called WiFi-explorer (app store). I dont remember if it was free but there are probably free tools out there.

This may not be the first tool you try - but if you have wifi-problems these tools can also tell you about signals levels, noise level etc.

You can download an app for your phone to analyse your local wireless network and other neighbouring access points to see if they are causing interference. Ubiquity have a good one called Wifiman. You want to make sure you dont use auto channels for wifi and choose the least congested ones. Were possible use 5Ghz at 40mz as it gives you more channels to play with. 2Ghz you should only ever use 1, 6 and 11 as they dont overlap with the other channels. If you overlap then neighbouring APS can have a more detrimental affect on your wifi signal and strength. If you live in apartments then using 2GHz will always cause issues due to so many neighbouring wifi and so little channels. 5GHz has less interference from neighbours as it has less range and is effected more by walls.

I will try to download the app. WiFi man or WiFi explorer. Thanks.

You can see that he ran speedtest from a device connected wirelessly. I do think that is his WiFi stats, which indeed are barely sufficient for streaming reliably.

It was measuring a full response time, of the combination of internet and WiFi.

The internet is likely to be much slower and so will dominate the measured speed. In this case this is confirmed by the asymmetric speeds, WiFi has essentially symmetrical up and down speeds (unlike an ADSL connection to the internet).

He may have been using a wireless device, but it’s a test of his internet line speed. WiFi is unlikely to be a bottleneck here, neither would you expect WiFi to be (very) asynchronous as shown in the results.

Does it good enough? I did this test right now

You should be fine, I use Tidal lossless on a 4.5mb download speed with no trouble.

For an ADSL2 type service - this is very good

To get better you need to have a VDSL service or direct fibre.

Not all service providers offer VDSL (Superfast type services) and its availability varies from country to country.

VDSL services typically up to 40Mbps download and VDSL2 upto 80Mbps download. The upload speed is typically between 10 to 20 percent of that for consumer services

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