Will a Mu So 2 work for me?

Ok…so thinking about getting a Mu so 2 but want to know how it will work with my stuff. I have Amazon Music HD which plays to my phone and headphones etc and also goes to my Mac when I’m in that room. I was wanting something a bit more musical that the Mac hence the Mu so…will I be able to stream to the Muso whatever is on the Mac…ie Amazon HD?

Hello! Amazon Music HD is a problem for all hifi systems, because Amazon haven’t allowed other companies to integrate, as yet. You will be able to use AirPlay from your Mac or an iPhone to play to a Muso from Amazon’s apps. The problem is that this means you won’t get the benefit of HD material, greater than CD quality, at this time, as that appears to be a limitation of AirPlay. On an Android phone, I’m not sure! Finally, bluetooth is also an option for playing music from phones and computers in general.

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Yes, Apple AirPlay is your best option for now. Amazon HD is definitely a music service on our development wishlist, once technically possible (and once we get existing TIDAL Connect and other streaming-service developments completed!)

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@clare.newsome thank you. In that case if I bought a Muso now would it be update-able in the future when Naim does get it sorted?
Would Spotify work as I believe they have an HD facility?

Yes, the Mu-so 2nd Generation family (Mu-so 2nd Generation, Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition, Mu-so Wood Edition and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation) is designed to be upgradeable via software updates as new services emerge. I can’t talk specifically about Spotify’s plans, as we’re under legal NDA until their new services officially launch, but we’re a close partner :slight_smile:

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Can you comment on the ability of pairing two Muso QB2s to form a stereo pair? I also think Naim are missing out on the outdoor market.

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No immediate plans to offer Qb stereo pairing - if you want to go that way, you’d be better off with Atom and some speakers, for not much bigger footprint.

Re outside - we do some lovely Focal outdoor speakers that can be easily installed into a multi-zone system, powered by Naim : 100 OD8 outdoor loudspeaker - Focal | Focal

Thank you Clare.

Also worth noting that Mu-so 2nd Gen family’s support for AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in means it’s easy to create a wireless multi-room network using those technologies, as well as via the Naim App - that means you could add in similarily certified portable outdoor speakers from other brands and stream them in in sync with your Naim set-up indoors.

Thank you again. Does this mean it’s possible to connect a Muso QB2 to the Naim home hifi (ND555) via wire or wirelessly and then stream from this to suitable outdoor speakers? Is there a reason this can’t be done directly from the Naim home hifi?

Yes, that’s totally possible - both the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation and the ND555 support Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in, so will play in a multi-room network with other products that support those technologies. All can be done wirelessly.

We made the current Naim streaming platform really flexible in this way, to allow for all kinds of permutations - even bringing in your TV, as well as a range of other devices.

Obviously the very best sound quality is possible when streaming exclusively between Naim devices, using the Naim App, but multi-room music can sound great via any method available.

Here’s a neat guide to Chromecast multi-room:

And Airplay 2

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……and Roon :wink:

Yes, and Roon - but that costs extra, whereas the others are free.

To be clear: you can stream audio via AirPlay/Chromecast to a Naim device; not from it to 3rd party.

I.e. if you want a non-Naim outdoor speaker in sync with your internal Naim equipment, it needs to be the network (not Bluetooth) and use a source like a Pc/Mac or phone to stream to all in parallel.

And if the Muso 2 would be in the same room as the Mac, you could also connect them via cable and use the Mac as source for an local or streamed audio.
(Older Macs had an inbuilt digital-optical out you could directly connect. For newer ones, a USB-adapter is likely needed.)

That could be in parallel to using it in conjunction with other Naim devices via network or e.g. AirPlay from mobile devices via WiFi.

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