Will I lose Radio 2?

I am outside the UK and using Radio 2 on the ND5XS2. I have just had a warning on the stream that from 27 March, this service will stop broadcasting and that I should talk to my provider. What is happening, and is there a way to retain the radio. It is my link to the ‘real world’ and a welcome bit of familiarity and I would hate to lose it.

I could not find any recent announcement on this from the BBC, but this website covers some of the issue.

I’ve had a similar warning this morning within the UK and using the Bedr app which is how I get R4 as my morning alarm call. They seem determined to move us to the useless Sounds UI despite its lack of an alarm.

Where are you? The BBC doesn’t broadcast internet radio, it uses session based streams via a CDN… so like YouTube, Tidal etc. Yes occasionally you will hear rights managed content, like football commentary, replaced by a recorded announcement… but that is temporary.
So as your notice suggests, this might be cation by the state you are in or your internet provider to block the CDN accesses.
An alternative is to use a VPN tunnel into the UK or other country that doesn’t block the access… although depending on your state you are residing this could be illegal or a breach of your ISP term and conditions.
However do ensure you are accessing the internet radio via

For most reliable contact, and proper CDN access use the BBC web site.
If you are using Naim, then best contact Naim as they use a third party service aggregator, vTuner, to access the CDNs I believe.

Sadly increasingly you can’t rely on the internet to access the outside world in certain parts of the world… perhaps time to dust off the SW receiver for the BBC World Service unless you are in Europe in which case it’s MW/LW at night or internet radio for the BBC. (SW transmissions have ceased for World Service in Europe due to cut backs)

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Can we have guidance from NAIM please.

Will BBC Radio programmes be available or not on my NAIM streamer, going forward?

Will I need to get the app and resort to Bluetooth?

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You probably need to state where you are… certain external government restrictions may stop BBC stream access.
As you can imagine governmental/state censorship is outside the control of Naim.

My app knows I’m in the UK and nothing has changed in that respect. Message broadcast quite deliberately before the news and gives a date for the end.

Yes, but what are you using as the app… where is its server and its aggregation server based? Is it using the BBC supported way of accessing the CDNs? I suspect if you use the recommended way as supported by the Beeb you will have no issue.
If using a Naim app, then Naim use vTuner and they will need to advise.
I suggest you contact the app support team. They might be using a legacy discontinued method of access or using the old legacy in efficient streaming protocols.
I have heard no such announcement on my BBC ip streams.
What does the announcement advise you to do… if you go to the BBC website, I posted the link above, it advises all the supported methods of accessing the BBC via internet around the world.

I have been getting this message today. I am in Hungary. NDX2.

Anybody from Naim on the forum able to shed any light?

Simon, With BBC Sounds can it be sent by chromecast to the NDX2? I dont see any chromecast option on the BBC sounds app.

Any idea?

I am in Switzerland and have found that I can access the main BBC stations on the cable provider system, so cannot be a rights issue. However, sounds better via the hifi and hate leaving the tv on for hours just to hear the radio

I can use chromecast from the BBC sounds app controlled by phone.

Paging @Stevesky


Recently purchased the above. I live in Denmark and I am an avid BBC 6 music fan and I can only find a stream on the Naim app for 128kbs is this correct?

Also, I got an announcement on the radio that my device would no longer be compatible after March 21st.

Any thoughts?

The quality is a known issue when abroad. BBC chooses to only broadcast in reasonable quality in the UK. You won’t find a better quality stream unless you’re in the UK or use a VPN to make it appear so. It’s not related to the Naim app.

The announcement is new as of this morning. I think everyone, me as well, is wondering about it. I hope more will become clear soon.

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@Stevesky or @tomvamos may be able to shed some light here.

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Rights issue does come in… even within the UK. Fo example I can hear my local football team commentary via broadcast radio on the BBC, but am greeted with content not available message via the same web radio on the internet… but that tends to be for specific programmes rather than a blanket issue which seems to be the issue here.

My guess is vTuner is using a deprecated method of accessing BBC media session streams… but we should hear from Naim shortly.

I don’t know I am afraid… you can send via SPDIF or Bluetooth depending on your client.