Will many of you be moving across from Tidal to Qobuz when it gets native integration shortly?

Hi all

I believe Qobuz get native integration shortly on the new platform and I am interested if many of you will be making the move across from Tidal?

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Unlikely as they don’t have such a big catalog for the music I listen to and I’m not subscribing to two services. I may do a free trial though.

No, it’s not available in NZ.

I ready have both and currently would not choose one over the other. Tidal has a much bigger catalogue over all and more to my tastes and lot that are not available on Qobuz. Not found much on Qobuz I can’t find on Tidal but like the hires sometimes more than the mqa version so I Ike to have the choice.

I already canceled TIDAL and switched to Qobuz when it became available in the US. I use Roon so I don’t care about native Qobuz integration on my NDX2. I didn’t use it for TIDAL when I had that either. I prefer the Roon integration since I don’t have to change anything to switch between my own hirez/CD-rips file library and Qobuz. I don’t want both Qobuz and TIDAL because that’s more than I am willing to pay.

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I preferred it when you were just happy go lucky Racetripper.
A somewhat dissolute lad having a good time at the races.
Now that you wear a huge headscarf it’s not the same any more.

I like TIDAL and no plans on changing…

Never say never but no interest at the moment.

Things Id like to see on Tidal:
More John Zorn
More Mahavishnu Orchestra
More Brad Mehldau

Hey Seakayaker did you ever read George .monbiots brilliant Xmas columns? At least one of them concerns his pastime of kayaking in the sea off the coast of Wales, when he used to live there.
Worth a look - published on the Guardian and on his own site IIRC

LOL…You should really cut me some slack. I’ve been dead 500 years and if I remove the head linens it gets pretty rank around here.


Roon shows 40 Brad Mehldau albums available from Qobuz.

I’m also a fan. Great stuff. Have been really enjoying Blues and Ballads lately.

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I am listening to that LP right now.
Via .tidal…
They are really two quite similar services in the end.

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I liked the classical and jazz better on Qobuz. I also have a philosophical objection to MQA, so that’s part of the reason I canceled TIDAL.

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Jim, I have not read George and did a search of his website and the Guardian on the internet and could not find any articles by him regarding is adventures in the sea off the coast of Wales. If you have a link, please send along would love to give it a read.

I started seakayaking when I moved to Seattle in the Mid 90’s and have paddled around the Puget Sound area as well as the Inside Passage between Vancouver Island and British Columbia. I have two seakayaks stored in the garage and tstill get out every once in awhile. I had the opportunity to take my grand children out kayaking with me last summer for the first time and look forward to taking them out again this summer when they visit in the near future. Everyone should give it try, it is a nice relaxing way to spend time.

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I have run both Tidal HIFi and Qobuz Sublime side by side for some time, native I haven’t used in ages as used Bubbleupnp, then Roon and now iPeng.

Tidal is clearly better in terms of catalogue, Qobuz is to niche for me as in the catalogue and moreso as very little 24bit for my liking.

I have had Tidal, Qobuz and Idagio, the first two integrated in my renderer, Idagio contents streamed over airplay and chromecast audio.

The best service in terms of catalogue and user interface was Idagio but I have cancelled my subscriptions to all of them after a few months of testing.

Neither Tidal nor Qobuz or Idagio offer(ed) a way of organizing my favorites/collection in folders and subfolders and this is for me mandatory.

As @Mike_S already mentioned Qobuz is not available in NZ.

I currently use both Tidal and Spotify. In future I would use platform with highest quality FLAC files and largest music range.

Spotify is definitely easier to use and generally has more artists and music than Tidal, but Tidal does provide access to FLAC files. If range of music improves on Tidal I might cancel Spotify, or if Spotify offers FLAC files I will drop Tidal.

With others it’s sit and wait.

There are a few (I googled George Monbiot Sea Kayak), e.g. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2009/aug/22/george-monbiot-fishing

I have done some long kayak trips in my youth along British rivers, and often swim in the Lake district with my wife and kids.
There is a very good story of an extremely long kayak trip from the US midwest to Mexico by Christopher McCandless, IIRC in the book ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer about the time before McCandless came to grief in Alaska.

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Why would they allow that, they are already curated streaming platforms. Can’t see any platform allowing that as users don’t want it, it’s part of the allure of streaming in the first place.


According to the Idagio technical support, UI support for organizing user collections via folders or tags is actually one of the more requested features.

I found it indeed very difficult to keep track of my favorite albums on Tidal, Qobuz or Idagio as the number increased beyond a few dozens. After one year of Qobuz Sublime and a few months of Idagio I gave up and cancelled my subscriptions.

I tend to listen very systematically and according to a schedule. This is very difficult to do with the current Tidal, Qobuz, etc. user interfaces. That’s the main reason why I have reverted to 100% local files. I can organize them the way I like and manage lists of albums that I want to listen in a specific time frame and order.

In a nutshell, I have found that Tidal, Qobuz, etc. are great for discovering new music. But their limited customizability and the lack of support for user specific options tend to banalize the listening experience. Their are great for casual listening but nothing more, in my view.

Unless you use an aggregator and orchestrator such as Roon, and then the distinction between locally stored and cloud disappears… it’s all good for critical and satisfying listening whether it be old favourites or new… and you can organise your music to suit taste including creating virtual collections, favourites, book marks, tags, genre collections etc … and it really becomes irrelevant on media location or even how it’s categorised on the media service … just how streaming should be… you simply enjoy the music with out the constraints of the technology implementations.

I agree without a service aggregator and orchestrator navigating Qobuz and Tidal was a turn off, and it was hard to find what you wanted, let alone organise it which was just about impossibke, so I cancelled… but that was until I discovered Roon with my new Naim streamer and then it all made sense…

Now would I like a composite bundle of Roon plus a streaming service… I would love it… but sadly doesn’t exist at present… so I subscribe to the two services… … I can see from my stats over time my local NAS is being used less and less.

Is it expensive, possibly yes, but as music is such an important part of my life I think it’s worth it.