Wireworld Matrix 2

I see criticism here of this mains block. What are the alternatives that would improve things without spending lots more?.. Or is spending lots more the only alternative? Not possible to change the electrics here so an extension block is the only answer unfortunately.

Take a look here.

For the money it’s good. To go a good step better, you have the Eros Titan . Then still a good step, the Music Works, Chord M6.

I am not sure how Wireworld signed this thing off? And even made a Ver. 2!
In my experience it should not be used with any half-decent hifi. That said it’s no better or worse than e.g. the basic MCRU bus bar blocks which are at least cheaper.
If for same/similar money, I would recommend e.g. the Titan Styx.

I was surprised to see how poorly it seems to be made. Sadly that wasn’t until after I bought one. I can only find a mains cable called the Titan Styx. Is there supposed to be a mains block too?

Looks like I might have to start saving for the Titan.

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Ah, right - just looked them up and they seem to have changed and expanded their range. The Styx block seems to now be called Nyx and looks the same as the Styx previously but might have improved wiring? (£175). Up the range they seem to have also introduced the Ares, which looks exactly like the previous version of the Eros (but at a lower price so may be same box but some lesser wiring instead) and then the current Eros (I think main difference from previous Eros model might be the metal case?). Titan tend to name their blocks after the mains cables they use internally. (If you happen to come across a s/h previous Eros in the acrylic case at a good price, I would go for it, very good quality wiring and block).

Thanks, useful information.

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