Witch Hat Morgana

I’m thinking of trying a set of these cables. Does anyone know what the lead time is when placing an ordering for cables. I have contacted WH, but haven’t received a reply yet.

Probably not a question anyone on here can give you an accurate answer on. Know they were waiting on another spool of Morgana cable (I’m waiting on a pair of XLR cables), so they likely have a significant backlog of orders from the Easter sale plus with Spectre cables now starting production, I would expect a bit of a wait currently.


Hi Daren thanks for the reply, i’ll just have show some patience! Although i might try to call them tomorrow.

Not something to be in a hurry for. I ordered some Morgana during the Easter sale. No sign yet but early days in my experience. I’ll start chasing in a month or two :joy:

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I ordered a Morgana cable in March. I haven’t been able to communicate with WH for several weeks as they are not responding to my emails or answering their phone. Good luck.

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Hi Mark, welcome to the forum😀 I did get reply from WH and sent a further email asking some more questions and answering a one they asked. As yet i’ve not had any further response.

I ordered during the Easter sale and had an email (after I chased) stating they were waiting for parts.

I’ve asked for a full refund but no reply back as yet.

We were wondering whether to try Morgana rather than SuperLumina for DIN-DIN between nDAC and 252, and also for DIN-XLR from SCDR to 300DR.

This thread, and numerous other Facebook group posts, about delays, unanswered emails etc. have made our minds up!

Used SL all the way.

Guessing too many requests for refund might get them in cash flow issues. It quickly sums up and if they have got all parts now they have big invoices to pay in the same time.

Third request for refund now made.

Frustrating as their product is great.


They are a shockingly bad and not worth the effort imo.


It’s a pity because I got Morganas a couple of years ago and find the excellent. However, I take your point.

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I ordered a 250 DR XLR and SNAIC 5 more than a month ago, I got an ‘awaiting parts’ email within a week but nothing sinceand was starting to get concerned on the lack of communication from WH so followed up with 2 chase emails, no response.

I do wonder if they are in good shape as s company, lack of customer service and no response at all to refund requests doesn’t sound good…


I’ve had only good service from them, including responses to emails and an exchange on a cable when I unexpectedly changed from a 252 to 552.

I do think there is an issue with the on-line order system though, where you can place an order and pay for it, when there are known issues with parts required for those orders which are only communicated to you after the order has been received and paid for. That’s not very transparent and maybe a deposit may be a better option. But the “pay up front for orders that will be delayed” does seem to becoming a new way of business for many. I don’t suppose it’s an easy landscape for small business to navigate.


If you’re not getting any response from WH on your refund request and you’re in the UK, consider making a section 75 claim (if you paid by credit card) or asking for a chargeback if you paid by debit card. All sorts of rules apply to each method which are too complicated to set out here but there are plenty of how to guides out there explaining what to do.

Anyone else thinking of ordering high value (over £100 per single item) from anywhere, use your credit card. Section 75 is your friend!

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