With or without

Excluding any sound improvements in your opinion, is the look more beautiful with or without aluminum feet?

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Without for me. The feet just ruin the Naim look. I like the simple and plain/understated look of Naim boxes just as they are.

Yes without for me too.

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Much prefer the look of plain black rubber feet.

Recent power supply and other upgrades of my record player meant shiny feet which sits at about eye level in the rack - I’d rather it were less visible.


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Damn … But then the sound? Perhaps the little ones would be better? Like these :

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Spray paint…in black
Sorry @anon35986639 but black feet do look better

I can’t find peace, it’s a problem and I’m thinking about it too much … on the right side there’s the TT15s1 with big feet but …

Those feet look ugly & spoil the classic look of Naim.
Plus - as I said before - stacking is bad for sound.
Look for a simple glass shelf with spikes or balls for each box

Glass is easy to find. Which of these articles do you recommend me to take?

Looks like Mr Gumby has a new pair of silver wellies.
Put the player next to the amp and put those Sort Kones under it.

The middle 2 items if you want to create a faux Fraim style shelf. x3 of each one.

x3 of each one for each 10mm hardened glass shelf, so you need x6 of each & x2 glass

I don’t understand the x3! I would like the 4 feet naim. But I don’t know which of the list to take

The Naim will sit directly on the glass. The X3 ball cup and bearings between the underside of the glass shelf and your audio cabinet - two at the front and one centre back - as the Fraim.

x3 feet/balls/spikes under each shelf gives perfect stabilisation, 4 feet rock, 3 feet don’t, thats why the Naim Fraim glass is mounted on x3 balls


Please indicate the two articles with arrows. Thank you

Is this lower still horrible?

Looks fine to me, and in any case performance should be prioritised over looks IMV

Ciao Andrea, does it matter what others like the look of, if you like it, go with it, half the fun in the early days of Naim ownership is to experiment & use you own ears (& eyes)
After a lot of experiment I suspect you might end up with a glass shelf for each box, or better still a real equipment shelf system

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sorry but you can’t buy from tom tom audio from my country, so I don’t know how to do …

You could bypass the little feet under the Naim. Those silver Quadraspire jobs look taller than the Naim feet.
Best to use only three.
I found when trying such things that when directly touching the underside of the device and between on top of an audio cabinet and with one under near the heaviest part the transformer and the two placed so the unit was balanced sounded best.