XLR interconnects for NC Pre to Power

I am looking to upgrade XLR cables between the 332 and the 350s. I read on a couple of threads here that people had some success with other brands and tried a few of their suggestions. In my system, nothing I have tried so far betters the Naim supplied XLRs. Here’s what I’ve tried:

Mogami 2549 balanced interconnects with Neutrik XLR connectors (same as Designacable’s). I found these to be close to stock cables but lacking in detail retrieval and soundstage suffers a bit.

Transparent Super XLR: Those are amazing when connected between an XLR source and the 332. But between the 332 and the 350s, they significantly impact the low end, to the point where I need to EQ to get it back.

Transparent Ultra XLR: Same as above, a bit better resolution wise, but the bass is gone.

Nordost Heimdall 2 XLR: Sound is slightly thinner, brighter, and bass also suffers.

At this point I am wondering if there’s something significantly different between Naim XLRs and typical XLR construction. The stock cable seems to best everything, especially in the low end region, both in quantity, punch and tightness. I do find it odd that the same cables used upstream of the 332 actually provide audible improvements. But never downstream.

What else should I be looking at? Any experiences?

The only non-Naim cables that I have used are from Chord Company - which are very good, from my (limited) experience.

Have you try naim SL XLR ?

The AV Options Signal XLR’s are excellent. Designed by Chris West who used to be at Naim North America.

They add all the detail and texture without ruining the PRaT

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Have you tried tyr 2 when you are trying out heimdall 2?

Mu understanding is that Naim are still working on SL XLR for NC which will be different from the current SL XRLs.

I was not a fan of the Nordost sound, is it night and day difference?

Yes it is …

I already have Chris’ power cables, I was thinking to try his interconnects as well. But I am worried they are tuned for OC at this point still.

Explore more… it’s interesting to try out cables😆 another make you can try - Ansuz

In order to fully enjoy and get the best out of certain cable makes , is to have full loom throughout . That’s what I found out through different demos and listening

When I have the naim cables I run them full loom, then I started to slowly explore other makes … trying out single pairs , then to full looms, it’s through the full loom that the potential reveals … that’s what I found out :blush:

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And now given the opportunity of the NC , it’s even more interesting to try out different sound through cables , not compromising the DNA of naim sound . Takes alot of time and tryouts … tiring at times but fulfilling .

All cable makes are good , depending on what kits and what sound one is looking for …

The ‘new’ Naim SL XLR-XLR interconnect is now available;

In fact they are the same as the SL XLR interconnect as used with the Statement system other than that the length has been increased from 1.0m to 1.5m to allow for their use with the 300 Series mono blocks.



I’ve been to both the 200 and 300 launch at my local dealer and both benefited greatly with the power supply upgrade.

At the 300 series event the speakers were Titan T606, speaker cable was Naim NACA5 and a Super Lumina interconnect from the streamer to the pre amp.

The stock cable from pre to the 350s was changed to a Super Lumina and the difference was very noticeable an all round improvement indeed well with considering.

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Super lumina cables are silver over copper ?

I am a bit confused. Are the interconnects standard balanced cables with NC gear? So you can use any xlr balanced cable because they are built the same way (connection wise)?

All balanced cables ( XLR) are the same -connection wise

And yea you can use any other brands of XLR on the NC 300