XPS DR - fuse blown?

Hi, I have just bought a new XPS DR. I was changing the mains cable on it (I plugged in a power line) and now it’s not working at all. There’s no power so must be the fuse? Not sure what to do ?! Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks

The NDX it is connected to isn’t working either now !!

It won’t do if the fuse is blown in the XPS as the XPS would be providing power to the NDX.

Check the fuse on the XPS and you should also find a spare in there too when you pull out the fuse holder.

Mains circuit breaker tripped?

No sadly not . It must be the fuses in the 2 boxes ? Are these easily replaced ? I really hope I haven’t killed my hi fi

Look in the manual.


On p. E3 regarding fuses.

Just opened up the fuse slot in the XPS DR - the fuse had blown up ! Have now extracted the bits of blown fuse - where does the spare fuse go?

The spare goes where the other was. There are two fuse slots, the one farther in is the live one that blew, the one farther should contain the spare. Slide the spare out and put it into the other slot.

Then make sure that the power cable is fully inserted. A lose cable can arc and blow the fuse.


I have never replaced a fuse on my XPS-DR. My understanding is that there are two fuses, one working and a spare. If the working one stops working the spare is used. If you removed the non-working fuse, was there a spare?

My understanding is Naim recommends only using fuses provided by Naim and if you do not have a spare then connect a dealer for replacement.

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Thanks everyone - is this the right place I’ve put the spare? Can seem to close the slot now - don’t want to force it

Looks fine as far as I can tell. There are really only two places where the fuse can go :slight_smile:
Make sure the fuse is not too high or too low in the slot. It does take a bit of a push to close the holder, but not much force. If it doesn’t go in, the fuse is probably too high or too low

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The Powerline can arc if not fully inserted and this can blow the internal fuse. It can put up a lot of resistance due to the tightness of the jaws, making you think it’s in when it’s not. See here…


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Thanks Richard

So it turned out I hadn’t got all the blown bits of fuse out which is why the fuse compartment wasn’t closing . It’s powering on now so hopefully it’ll be ok. Now onto the NDX….

What are you powering from the XPS ?

The NDX - I plugged a mains cable in and no power but the blanking plug wasn’t in so maybe this is why - just about to check …

Ah yes, it won’t power up correctly without the link plug in place.

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The NDX is working !!! Thanks very much everyone , this forum is fantastic, great community :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Why did fuse blow?