Xps dr

I think the effect that a PSU has on a source depends on what the nice smooth, noise free DC supplies.

For the NDX2 it can only be the digital and analogue sides. And perhaps the Naim badge on the front!

For 272, it is likely to also feed the pre amp.
And it could be that a 555 is more able to work it’s magic in a 272 that it can on. NDX2.

And originally the 555 had two output leads for a reason. To power different bits of the cd555. Bits that are not there on a 272 and ndx2.

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I haven’t heard it myself yet. But I’m in the same situation as you right now. From what I understood from my dealer is: 272 with an XPS-dr you are at 80% of his ability. With a 555ps 100%. I was also advised not to be too concerned about the huge 555 hype that is going on on this forum. Ultimately, it is the wallet that determines.


And time. Much more XPS on the market than 555PS.

Stephen, you are all over the place! Rush decisions are never a good one.
Just go down there, borrow your dealers and take it home.


I am very curious about what you are going to do. Especially what it brings you. This is because you already gave the same description to the sound in another topic with only the 272 when I also experience it. For me it will only be early 21 that I can do something. So I have to be patient for another six months.

Ok, i’ve had the call. My dealer says he can do me a good deal on a ex-demo XPS DR today or at anytime in the near future. It’s not a problem as they have plenty of rotational stock to circulate and play around with. This is great news for me as i’m in no rush to be honest. With that in mind, i’m sticking with my original decision and going for the rack first. To my mind, this seems the most logical thing to do at this stage in my system’s journey. It’s not as if my system is lacking in any way to begin with, i’m finding it very hard to hear where it can be improved upon as is, so, rack first. This is my final answer.

Thanks all.


I could plunge for both really but only 2nd handed. So it’s about how long wait a 555PS would be and how much patience I have :wink: If an XPSDR get me to 80% of the full performance I would probably satisfy with that. I have other limitations such as room meaning I cannot get the full show no matter what.

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Cradle (rack) before the baby (XPS) comes!


It definitely seems the most sensible thing to do, although purchasing a XPS DR today and enjoying what it does by this evening, does seem very tempting indeed. The way i’m figuring, as i’ve already put in the order for a new rack, what’s the rush?

Let’s get the foundations right to begin with, then upgrade the source afterwards. It’s not always about the biggest bang for buck, but to do things in the right order first. Both my dealer and i agreed to this and i think i’m making the right decision on this occasion.

If it was a full fraim i would agree…fraimlite imo is nothing special, and there are other better looking and sounding racks.


Maybe, but this is for more practical purposes more than anything. I already have great sound. Better sound can come later.

I started demoing(at home) a 272/250 DR on a coffee table, using the internal power supply, and it sounded much better than the SN2/Highcap DR I had at the time. After listening to that combo for an hour or so, I added an XP5XS that my dealer had on hand. To me, the uplift with that power supply was minimal, and not worth the cost. My dealer then got an XPSDR in, and let me borrow it for my home demo, the uplift was immediate, and took things to a whole new level. We made a deal to trade in the SN2/High cap on the 272/250DR/XPSDR that week.
Later that year the dealer was closing his shop, so I bought 4 levels of Fraimlite from him for $300 dollars, and to be honest, I could barely hear any improvement when installed, over the gear on a coffee table. Looks wise, I love the Fraim, but to me you will hear much more benefit from the XPSDR over the Fraimlite, or even full Fraim, which I later converted the Fraimlite to.
As long as you dress the cables properly on whatever stand you are using, the power supply will be a far bigger upgrade…just being honest about my experience with both options.
I think a lot of people convince themselves they are hearing a huge uplift when adding Fraim, to justify the huge amount of money they just parted with.


I think it’s more apparent the better your kit is personally.
I certainly heard an audible uplift going from shelf (nothing) to full fat Fraim.
I can tell and hear if certain cables are touching one another or somethings moved and gone adrift.
The Fraim adds clarity without a doubt.

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Had you compared both?

You can buy some aluminum shelves from China, not expensive, and you will have something probably better than the Fraim. ( in addition to the Fraimlite shelves).

id be down there like a shot with a new black box! , but i’m impatient like that…admire your restraint ST!


I have the Lovan rack ( the rack on the right of the Fraimlite, on my profile, systems pics).
The Fraimlite gave a subtle improvement, nothing more.
Some say the Fraimlite is 85/90 % of the Fraim performance.
Both of my racks sit on Finite elemente cerapucks.

I agree with you but the problem i’m having at the moment is my system is already sounding fantastic and the urge to upgrade even further seems to me, at this point in time, superfluous. I need a rack but at at the same time don’t want to spend a fortune and save quicker and get back on track for a XPS DR. I can’t afford to do both at once.

Any old aluminium shelf will likely be not much good. They’re very difficult and expensive to do properly (and get perfectly flat with little or tolerance). It’s one reason why Naim ended up going for the type of glass they chose in the end.

Racks (apart from Fraim and maybe a few other top names) really don’t seem to hold value on the second hand market.

If it’s something ‘for now’ I’d be tempted to look at the usual auction sites etc. and get something that will do while I waited for the right item to come up at the right price (or saved for new but frankly I’m too cheap for that…)