For very brief time yesterday one of these popped up on an ebay listing for £1500, I pondered for a few minutes but then when I went back it had already disappeared, anyone on here picked it up I wonder?

Some lucky b’stard. Wasn’t me. I really covet an XPS-T.

I should have picked it up as soon as I saw it but I quickly went looking for a tuner to match as I don’t have one currently…

…it was a business seller too, and the ad stated had just been factory serviced, not that I wish to add to the disappointment

I think you’d need a NAT01

Okay,I’ll bite. What in heavens name is an XPS-T?? I know XPS,XPS-2,XPS-DR but XPS-T???
Google brings up nothing so please enlighten me!

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AIUI it was an XPS (black series) that had been factory modified to power a NAT01. Supposedly gave a significant uplift in SQ.

Only a handful made, so as rare as rocking horse sh*t.

I’m pretty sure one of our “regulars” has got one.


Six, apparently.

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Okay all clear now. Thx! Learned something new today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Third box down on the right, the very rare XPS-t :blush:


What sort of connection is it? A standard 4/5 pin snaic?

Yes, the NAT 01 is adapted on the rear to accept the Snaic.

I keep a few interesting (well to me anyway) pics of unusual Naim kit. Here’s a few XPS T pics found on the forum / net.


Interesting photos there. Five regs (bottom left - no secondary output?), 6 wires to the Burndy (3+rtn, and 1+rtn) and 5 pins on the DIN.

Was it originally some other connection then?

I see there is a custom burndy to snaic.

Interestingly those are the same pics from the ad.


Indeed the top two are from the ad on EBay.

Yes, originally there was a different connection which was changed to accept the custom burndy to snaic.

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Have the first one ever built. In a box… along with my 01
It took me 8 months to convince Naim to build me one…


glad to see you’re about…

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