Xps2 blown fuse

Back from holiday after plugging and powering on everything circuit breaker went off.
Xps not lightening.
Fuse looks blown.
No replacement one at its side
Value: 1.35 A 250 V. Do not even know wheter the correct value as bought the unit used.
Please advice

No, that appears to be the incorrect rating - it will say the correct fuse rating on the rear of the unit near the fuse holder itself.

I would purchase a few of them from a Naim dealer as they will stock the correct ones. FWIW - i purchase mine online from dealers such as Tom Tom Audio.

See here for more information - Equipment Fuses


Hi thanks, so why was there an incorrect value fuse?
I’ve found the exact replacement inside an hicap dr ( there were two of them) and seems to work ok now

The HiCap one is an incorrect rating for a XPS2 and for safety reasons should not be used as it’s of a higher value


Ok I’ll definitely get a Couple fro a naim authorized agent.

I had this happen once. After changing the fuse it didn’t re-occur for the next year or so of ownership before I replaced it with a CD555PS. It’s an occupational hazard with the XPS2 inrush current. Don’t worry about it. You are good.

I have never actually ‘bought’ any fuses for my Naim units. My dealers have always been most helpful & generous.

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Same here.

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Be absolutely sure to replace with exactly the correct value of fuse(s).

The one inside the XPS2, as specified by Naim is: 20mm 2.5A 250V Slow Blow / Antisurge fuses – Naim use fuses made by “Littelfuse” from their 213 series."

Available from your Naim dealer or from RS Components.
I bought a decent number from RS Components as the XPS2 does have a tendency to blow fuses rather too often. That’s why I bought a box of them !

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Littelfuse. You have to spell it right if you are searching for it…

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Autocorrect “corrected” it. I’ll try and amend my post!

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I found someone suggest Littelfuse 213 series and other 218. Which is the correct one?

For an XPS2 you want the Littelfuse 5 x 20 2.5A T Glass Cartridge Fuse, Part No. 021302.5MXP


Same with my dealer. Maybe it is the same one ?

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Choice of two - past & present, both LE postcodes… :crazy_face:

CH code actually

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Definitely not, then.

CH = Chester…?

LE = Leicester, definitely.

Yes CH is Chester

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