XPSDR Vs 555 non-DR

Any thoughts here on XPSDR Vs 555 non-DR on NDX2? Both are in a similar price bracket second-hand.

I’d think it would be difficult to advise what difference if any each ps would make to your ndx2 without knowing which amp(S) or speakers you are using, and that may lead to asking whether the money u spend on a non essential ps might be better spent somewhere else - for example a better pre or power amp, better speakers or even a better electric bike for your other half

My system is in my profile, but for ease it’s NDX2/XPS (nonDR), 252/SC(nonDR)/300DR, Neat Ultimatum MFS

I think I’d dr the scap before the ndx…

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I think I’d be planning towards having everything DR, rather than mixing. So either the XPS or the SC, perhaps depending on what second hand opportunities arise? I’ve had both the XPS DR and now the 555 DR on my NDX2 with a 252, the later is better, but I could only just the additional cost buying second hand, I don’t think that the additional cost new would be justified for me.


Yup, I’d get a DR PS on the NDX2 first, ideally a 555 if you can swing it and one is available otherwise a XPS DR. Then a SC DR.

Check the age and service history of the units before you commit, especially on non-DR kit. A non-DR power supply will be at least 10 years old now so due a recap if it hasn’t had one yet, which isn’t cheap.

Yup, you would dr the ndx2 before you would dr the pre amp? Why would u do it in that order? The pre amp may serve other sources and is way higher than an ndx2 in Naim sq hierarchy, why would refining a less sophisticated single use component give the system best bang per buck by dr-img it first?

I’d rather have the better PS on the source. If the OP doesn’t stream very much then he could do the SC first. The NDX2 is a damn fine player and will benefit greatly from a better PS.

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A ten year old non dr ps is likely more than 5 years plus away from naim’s recommended preventative servicing - only one year closer than an early dr ps, and is likely many more years away from actually needing a service- as I’m sure the op is aware, whilst this may be a consideration Would you think the super quiet 555 ps would trump the xps for lift in sq?

Fair enough- for me whilst the ndx2 is highly praised I don’t see it at 252 level — naim see fit to externalise power sources on pre amps lower down the food chain (non of the Classic pre amps have on board transformers) suggesting they rate a clean ps for pre amp over, well, an ndx2 for a start, but I take your point that many put quality of source first… although that being the case perhaps an nd555 would be a better match for the 252 rather than trying to throw money to improve the ndx?

Getting the 555PS gives him the option of jumping up to the ND555 should he choose.

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I agree- but does he use it on the ndx or sc?

While some have felt that sound quality has gone off with units that are even less than 10 years old, Naim’s official recommendation is 12 to 15 years. The 555 was released in 2006, so there will be plenty of them out there that should have been serviced by now.

@JonnySidemouth you said to me yesterday I’d need an ND555 for my 252 too :smile: Are you trying to bankrupt me? :laughing:

I checked the naim website and the 252 “recommended system” shows as an NDX2/XPSDR, but with 300DR. I don’t read that as naim saying the NDX2/XPSDR is not at 252 level? They do say “as a start” which leaves room for ambition, but maybe they thought nobody would buy a 252 if they said you couldn’t run anything but a £25K streamer (16.5K+8.5K PSU) into it…

Aye- some of us ‘feeling’ that equipment has ‘gone off’ is hardly empirical evidence that it has lost any sq, we are all driven by notions of perceived changes in the music coming from our hi fi and experience wonderful lifts in quality after servicing or by adding magical cables etc. But I think most of this is placebo. If a manufacturer suggests preventative servicing every, say, ten years or so this will ensure that equipment is serviced BEFOE it is more likely to break down with no reason it won’t go on for years after

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Lol! No I’m not trying to bankrupt you - forgive me for thinking that those who enjoy Naim always upgrade until they have 500 series kit with as many 555ps as they can possibly use, I’ve spent too much time reading posters who seem to have done just that on this forum! If naim **suggest the ndx2 pairs with the 252 then they consider it to be a match even if it is just a start (in itself this language encourages the continued drive to owning at least three 555ps’!!)

The way we’re looking at it is maximising the naim 2x series. So yes we would ultimately like to move to a 300DR, and that would mean changing the XPSDR for a 555PS and we can lose the nDAC keeping to 6 slots.

We did have the offer from the dealer of a used 552 (non DR). We rejected this for two reasons after a bit of thought 1) It was quite old and can’t now be DR’d and 2) The likely “matching” source would need to be an ND555 and it would definitely need a 300DR. So whilst the pre-amp would not have been much more than a 252 the long term spend was likely to be another 30K. With the current world geopolitical situation cash in the bank makes more sense.

When I had an XPS DR on my NDS my dealer advised me against changing to a non DR 555.

Their view as that whilst there were some benefits to using the 555 non DR it didn’t improve things in all aspects and some elements were better with the XPS DR. i.e. swings and roundabouts.

Given that the NDX2 is unable to reap some of the benefits of the 555 (dual burndies) then I would expect this argument to be equal if not stronger.

I never validated this opinion myself but don’t doubt the dealer’s integrity with regards to their advice.


I concur… apart from the bit about having cash in the bank… aside from short term spends… as inflation gets worse any cash reserves will bleed value in front of your very eyes, one may as well spend any excess spare cash on objects of desire/tins of beans/recreational drugs rather than watch it diminish in value in a poorly performing savings account