Your 10 Favourite '70's Live Double Albums

Hello all, After randomly playing a couple of live albums today I realised what a great time the '70’s were for live double albums .What a specimen they were ,with their inviting gatefold sleeves and exciting photos of the artists, captured delivering yet another red hot show to their adoring fans.No self respecting band was complete without the ubiquitous live album in their catalogue.So if anybody would like to join me in choosing their top 10.Just for fun let’s keep it to gatefold sleeves, so no boxed sets ,although we can include triples so that covers some ELP ,Yes and Wings .
Here’s mine to start the ball rolling, in no particular order

Eric Clapton - Just One Night
Wings - Over America
Peter Frampton - Comes Alive!
Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous
Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From the Road
Status Quo - Live!
Emerson,Lake and Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends
Deep Purple - Made in Japan
Derek and The Dominos - In Concert
The Rolling Stones - Love You Live

Here’s an outline about what this category is all about

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Precisely the reason I was glad to see the back of the 70s.

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Not a Fan then , eh :sunglasses:

Bowie - David Live
Bowie - Stage
Bowie - Santa Monica 72
That’s aboit it :joy:

Alan, that’s a good selection and here a few more to add to it, although some are single albums.

At Fillmore East - Allman Brothers
72’ European Tour - The Grateful Dead
Band of Gypsys - Jimi Hendrix
Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
Before The Flood - Dylan/The Band
In New York - Frank Zappa
Bursting Out - Jethro Tull
Rock’n’Roll Animal - Lou Reed
Recorded alive - Ten Years After…

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1- there’s the well-trodden debate as to how much of ‘Live and Dangerous’ (great that it is) was recorded ‘live’.
2- I don’t rate Status Quo Live
3- I would remove SQL and add in Queen Live Killers (I think 1979?).

No Cheap Trick LATB?

Keith Jarrett - Köln Concert

Perfect for impressionable young men and romantic dreamers everywhere, their eyes gazing into limpid pools etc. :wink:

Apart from that, I’ll go with Love You Live and Just One Night

Can’t manage ten.

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Lou Reed live in Italy was hmm interesting.

Thanks Tony, after posting I realised At Fillmore East was a glaring omission from my point of view.I knew I could trust you to come up with some crackers though :+1:

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Yes , i nearly commented on the L and D issue but as you say far better to just enjoy.With Queen I can’t get past the poor IMO SQ.Good shout with Cheap Trick , but I was limiting the number to ten

herbie hancock. VSOP. live 1977
miles davis. Agharta.
al jarreau. live in Europe
Isaac Hayes. live at Sahara Tahoe
Hendrix. band of gypsys.
Led Zeppelin. live in London
Medeski Martin Wood Scofield live
Wilson Pickett. live at Philadelphia
Eryk Truffaz. live

Nice to see a selection that does not rely on classic rock

you are right, classic rock is in majority here…as the 20 best albums lists…

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Is it cheating to offer Woodstock? I know the gig was '69, but the album was 1970, and as a capture of a social period is hard to beat.

Nice one Eoin, I’m sure that fits the criteria :grinning:.

Not forgetting Humble Pie - Rockin’ The Fillmore?


Is that all you got Dave?

So many of my live albums are neither from the '70s, nor double gatefold sleeve ones … so, in the the spirit of the OP, they don’t fit the bill.

Wait! … Led Zeppelin from Southampton University … wot you reckon? :thinking:

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Good man :grinning: was that one released on the plum Atlantic label?

Erm, no, it’s something of an “unofficial” release … from my Private Stock of similar “under the radar” albums. :smirk: