Your favourite YouTube Audiophile

I have two YouTube favourites. I genuinely find these useful in providing insights and tips and being entertaining. Which channels do you rate?

  1. A British Audiophile.

  2. John Darko.


The Next Best Thing Studios (The Audiophile Journey)

The reviewer I think originates from Canada and he works during the day in a HiFi Dealer Shop who among many brands stock Hegel amps to which he has a great liking if not passion for this brand. The reason I like this channel is because the reviews are in depth, explanatory in all aspects and often comparisons are made of competing models/brands. The views given seem to come from the person, subjective and often likings or even passions are expressed. So in a way the reviews are not so diplomatic, correct and even predictable as often I encounter in more ‘professional reviews’. English brands (inc Naim Audio) are included. I enjoy a lot the comparisons and even if the views are personal it does give me a perspective on the particular component.

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John Darko needs a better optician. What is it with these gigantic glasses.

I like Steve Guttenberg because he talks about gear from a music lover’s perspective, not as a tech dude like most of the others.

The Next Best Thing guy is okay too though.

I’m not a big fan of Darko personally, i too often see videos where he makes these weird pair-up choices or comparisons that don’t really seem to make sense. He then says something like “Well yea this was the only other amp/dac/streamer/blah i had lying around for comparison”. I am just not that interested in how certain speakers sound to him with a $1000 class D amp compared to a $10000 class A monoblock.


I watch sometimes Analog Planet on YouTube, specially Hifi Shows reports by Mickey Fremer.

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You dinosaurs.

His name is Jay and he used to work for Audio Excellence of Canada. They also have a great channel


I like these two as well, Tarun seems very much on my wavelength. Also, Steve Guttenberg can be entertaining.

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+1 for Audio Excellence Canada.

I also watch PS Audio and Andrew Robinson.

Not a fan of the British Audiophile or JD.

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+1 for Steve Guttenberg-the audiophiliac:

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I also like Steve Guttenberg, he says things which I can understand and he often has a gift for emotional consensus.

I’m a fan of the following in no particular order:

  • A British Audiophile
  • Darko
  • Pursuit Perfect System
  • Thomas and Stereo
  • Steve G
  • 13th Note

On a separate note, why are there such limited reviews of NAIM kit on YouTube. There are stacks of “demos” but not many in depth reviews.

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My guess would be that Naim doesn’t readily send out their equipment to online reviewers, maybe it’s policy…

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There are some Naim reviews. A quick search and I found 3.


And I think they’re the only three :slight_smile:

John Devore is the only one I still follow but he talks mostly about his records.

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I love this guy. My favourite Naim reviews are by him.


The first video is really good, there is also shorter one where Terry is having a 1-2-1 with Jason going through the upgrade path with no test audio.

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Both of those are Naim retailers though, so not really unbiased reviewers…