Your Most Interesting Live Album

My favorite!


I bought that album after seeing then at the Student Union on Manchester…it probably got played almost as often as Irish Tour 74…which was a LOT

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Often Live Albums turnout to be a disappointment because of the way its been recorded and sounds like someone recording with a phone at the back.

However my favourite live album is
Runrigs: The Last Dance, their final concert at Stirling Castle. All 2.5 hours of it.
The sound quality is superb listening to it I’m stood in front of the stage again as on that wonderful night.


My 2 fave live albums - Nirvana probably edging it as it was so different to normal delivery and a possible indication of what might have been for KC if he had lived.
Thin Lizzy as it is just brilliant - I know it was overdubbed but I don’t care


I remember watching that Nirvana performance when it was first shown on MTV, and being surprised how effective Nirvana - famous for being so effing loud - could be, using only acoustic instruments. They didn’t cheat, as Bruce Springsteen did, by playing a few acoustic songs, then turning on their amplifiers (which is why the Springsteen LP of the Unplugged show has the ‘Un’ crossed out).

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It had a formidable reputation when it came out and all the people who said they were there, could have filled the Hammersmith Odeon. Which is rather sad, because when I saw them at the Hammersmith Odeon 18 months later it was half empty.

A real point in time and the only live album I’ve heard that if you close your eyes and crank it up, you are indeed there.

Yes Recently is rather good, have it on vinyl. She went thru a period in mid career when she did some very solid ( I.e good ) albums


Another contender on the “interesting” (not necessarily favourite!) front is the -979 offering from Jefferson Airplane, “Bless its pointed little head”. Another one that really feels like it’s live and the band in the room…


I remember seeing Nine Below Zero in Bristol, probably at the Granary. Nothing too clever, just hard RnB (proper RnB, not the rubbish given that handle these days), but they really rocked. Probably raised the temperature by a good few degrees!


1976 Wings Over America.

Band : Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Lane, Jimmy McCoulloch, Joe English.

Paul and the band at the top of their game an absolutely magnificent live album.




The vinyl is terrific SQ :+1:

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Exactly, I’m sure it was hot in there.

I agree… possibly best… but I’m after interesting, and perhaps the unusual or unexpected…

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Now that’s interesting… thanks!

OK Fairy Nuff… Try this instead…

Fairport Convention, Live at the LA Troubadour (*) -


(* - another British band were in town, and were also at the Troubadour, according to reports. During Fairports 2nd set, they decided to join in… They were Led Zeppelin. The tapes of that performance were taken by Peter Grant and have never surfaced since. )


Probably not that interesting.
But a great and lengthy trip that i found as a teenager to be a fantastic background whilst making out with pretty punk goth girls.


Haven’t heard that but I do love Earth inferno.