Your spend for Vinyl per year

I looked at how much I spent for vinyl in 2022. It was a little over €2,000. Some here have dropped out of the vinyl, perhaps also because of the cost. What do you spend for vinyl every year?

so far, €400- but the year is young…

Maybe $1000 - $1500 NZD… 2 or three records a month usually…

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At the height of my vinyl buying I bought probably one album a week, which in today’s money was equivalent to maybe about £1500 a year. But that was before marriage and home ownership, and everything that followed.

These days, half a century later I find only a handful of albums a year worthy of buying, so very much less and not vinyl (I moved on to better sound quality source than vinyl rather than anything to do with cost).

Last vinyl purchase was in 1992 :scream:


Cheap way

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I have bought 10 records this year, kept 4 returned 6 due to poor pressings. Used the money from those 6 to buy over 80 cds and maybe 30 albums on bandcamp! Its about the music and 6 records vs over 100 more albums (ok some will probably not get many plays) feels like a good deal! Current vinyl is very hit & miss for what I buy. Mostly a miss. Even the ones I kept are not amazing. For the money they are hopefully making pressing plants should improve in time hopefully!


No idea and I won’t work it out. I do know that the number of records I am buying is going up though and I will have to look into more racking in the not-so-distant future.

I don’t spend anything because I only have a cd player! However, I buy a lot of cd’s from National Trust properties and I often notice pristine LP’s selling for peanuts. This poor picture is from Uppark in Sussex where all the records were 50p each. Some marvellous classical recordings. Sorry for going off thread.


Never seen any decent vinyl at NT properties but I will keep a look out. I’m obviously going to the wrong places !

Not sure what my vinyl spend is but it is going down, largely as I have pretty well exhausted rack space and have no intent to convert the garage !

The prices were from a bygone era. After all HG Wells grew up at Uppark before he wrote the Time Machine!

Pretty much zero here, on LP’s. I do not buy ‘new’ Vinyl - only the occasional original from years ago.

Along with others I have been constrained by rack space so £300 or abouts annually over the last few years. A relocation of the collection has created space for about 400 albums and if the cassette revival results in Hipsters ditching their vinyl my spend could rise :yum:

30ish albums last year, most around the 20-30 pound mark. Say 750 ish. This year just the one so far.

£0 for this year, last year and many years before that. Last vinyl I bought was in 1990.

With secondhand prices for CDs the way they are, and nothing to play vinyls on, that isn’t going to change.

Around €2000

The champion is surely @Bobthebuilder . I bet it’s about 200/300 lps per year. :grin:
A dozen per year for me.

I don’t want to know really.


Like Bob, I have no idea, and I would probably be appalled if I knew precisely how much I spend yearly on buying LPs.

I tell myself ‘not a lot’, but I know that that’s a lie.

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I don’t think I have bought any new Vinyl since about 1991. The odd present occasionally.
If there is any new music I want, rare these days, I still buy CDs, Ryan Adams, John Mayer etc.

However, I have been building a nice collection of minty Classical Vinyl from a local charity shop which I have been playing a lot. Mainly about £2 each.

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