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Thanks chaps.

I live in Spain but, following these reviews, during occasional visits to Ruritania 2.0, I shall endeavour to avoid the Slough of Despond.


We just got a Samsung mini led of some sort - qn90 I think is the model number 65” - it was
A It’s between that and the LG C1 OLED and in end we went for the Samsung for aesthetic reasons, it’s very thin and mounts very close to the wall. I upgraded from an old 1080p Bravia mainly to get 4K/120 for my daughter’s Xbox X which looks fantastic on it and is butter smooth.

If you watch a lot of 4k content then I would recommend the new QD-OLED A95K from Sony. Stay away from any LCD TVs.

With QD OLED you get the benefits of OLED (perfect blacks and high contract) and the high brightness levels of LCD.

Look on AVForums and you’ll see they’ve just given it a 10 out of 10 in their review.

I have a Panasonic OLED which I’m happy with but if I was in the market for a new one, I’d be all over this.

Hope this helps.

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I don’t care about the software side of new TVs because they rarely get updated. I use a Fire TV stick instead, all the smart TV features you could wish for and the OS and apps are regularly kept up to date.
Like you, I recently bought a 55" LG C1 OLED and very happy with it.

big fan of our LG too, 77inch OLED, great image quality and excellent colour reproduction


I love my 85” Samsung “The Frame” QLED. It’s not the top of the line in terms of picture, but it has “art mode” that turns it into beautiful pictures over a fireplace. That was the thing that sealed the deal for my wife, who didn’t want an 85-inch black rectangle on the wall. You can get customized bezels, and with the right artwork displayed with the right settings, I have had friends stare at it for 30 seconds before realizing it was a TV!

Mine was all purchased in Spain…

LG took the market for best tv in 2015 with their oled. The competition has crept closer since, but LG still offer the best quality.

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Have an LG OLED G1 currently and the picture quality is very good. Not sure i would buy another though, the screen surface is very shiny and when off it dominates the room visually. If I was considering a large screen size today, i would look at a ust projector instead.

2 x LG 55” OLED and 1 older 49” high end LED
55’s in Lounge and Media Room, 49 in the Bedroom.
All excellent TV’s and not one of them over £2k.
Also have a Samsung 43” QLED in the Kitchen, but that is pretty awful. Needed mostly for Sunday evening meals so that we don’t miss the NFL😁

My most recent TV is an LG 32” LED type, bought about 8 years ago, chosen for the Sunroom as a good balance of size and thinness. Ha ha: it turned out to be a lot thicker than the manufacturer’s claimed spec, because they donn’t count the bottom thick bit… decent picture, stupid LG doesn’t provide support for its apps and within 3 or 4 years it became a dumb telly instead of the supposedly “smart TV” it was when bought. The whole experience puts me off LG. We swapped it for our older (~2008) the. redundant Panasonic 50” plasma, and use that with a separate box to access online things like Netflix, otherwise its inbuilt tuner for TV. Unlike the LG it’s not HD, but we don’t really notice the difference - with the LG we had to separately select when an HD channel, and so few HD offerings we ended up not bothering.

However, for films we have a projector and 12ft wide screen (equivalent to 165” screen with 16x9 format), viewed from 11ft away so real big screen effect, so the TV is only use for broadcast stuff and casual watching.

LG c1/g1 or c2/g2 oleds must be on your radar

Not much a difference between c1 and c2 so you may get a deal and increase screen size

LG G1 here as well. I think it’s the 55” model

Got it a year ago. At the time it was best reviewed.

Great picture. Don’t use the sound.

Worth taking the time to tweak the settings for the best picture etc. Out of the box most are just designed to catch your eye in the shop.

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Lounge TV is LG Gallery Series OLED 65"
Had that latest one since early this year and can certainly recommend the LG OLED panels for picture capability. I use mine with an Atom and in wall speakers. The built in ones despite the screen being less than 2 CM thick, are actually ok, you’d likely want to add to that to make it more enjoyable though, as I have done.

I am using a calibrated 55" Sony Master Series A90J OLED and it is by far the best telly I have ever had, the picture quality is jaw dropping.

Calibrated how and by whom?:thinking:
I used to sell these products and this is a new one on me🤷🏻‍♂️

Calibrated by me. I use the following software and an X-Rite spectrophotometer:-

Calman Home for Sony (

Ah; that kind of calibration.
Yeah, we used to sell a thing for that, but I’ve always done it to my preference.
My son used the disk thing (can’t remember what it was called) but it didn’t use a piece of kit to do the settings, just your eyes.

I think Sonys use OLED panels made by LG…

The Sky panels seem to be excellent value for money, however, you have to buy into the Sky ecosystem. They have excellent sound systems, interest free credit for up to four years, seems a pretty good offer to me. When my 55" Sony set finally stops doing it’s job, I’ll go for a Sky panel, see which offers sky can do for me.