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All OLED panels are made by LG display.

I think rather rely on recommendations from others the best thing to do is go and look as many as you can. Settle on what size whatever features you want and how much you’re willing to pay.

I recently bought a new Samsung smart tv and whiles it’s great picture some of the smart features can be a little annoying.

‘Which’ recommends LG as ‘Best Buy’ in all categories.


When my wife and I purchased our current home in 2017 it had a theater room with a projection tv that was 10 years old. We replaced it with a Sony projector. Just now having to change the lamp for the first time. If you have the space, it’s pretty neat.

Except the latest Sony QD OLED the A95K panel is made by Samsung.

‘My Telly’ is getting very old and I don’t know what to replace it with. To my consternation I now baulk at paying what I did back in 2007 now for a new bigger and better set, sign of the times perhaps?

I have had the Samsung Qled for a while now in 75" and it’s a stunning picture, was in the price range you are quoting too.

After reading through all that and checked out some online reviews, I’ve decided on splashing out on the LG G2 OLED 65".

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Great choice. Hope your happy with it. Feel free to update us when you’ve received it.

Hoping to get it up and running for when “Dune 2” is streamed. :grinning:

December 2021 we spent £2500.00 on a Sony A90J Oled tv, and had to have the motherboard replaced that caused many issues from new, they now admit that they are unable to get their own onboard media player to play mp4 files on a nasdrive connected to the tv, that a 2014 Panasonic tv had no trouble playing at all, they admit they don’t know what is causing the issue, they also admit they don’t know how to fix it ??? But they might find a future upgrade to the software maybe, eventually, possibly, who knows? sometime in the future, this side of the next millenium, still never mind they are quite new to all this technology aren’t they!! So perhaps they should be let off, after all it’s not their £2500.00!