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Gshock and Barbour Bedale, top!

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Barbour is from 95🤣 recently got a remake:)

Love it, i Also have the northumbria and the Beaufort

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Ikepod Megapod M101 Rob.


Great watches the G Shock’s



Helen took a shine to my Timex Waterbury so I won’t be seeing that again - apart from on her wrist. She has broken her arm and must wear a watch on the opposite wrist. Something lightweight and bashable was required.

This prompted me to have a look at the octagonal “analogue” G Shock in resin. I went for the green one and was so impressed by the proportions and fit that I went on to grab a metal one on special offer. The resin one will make an excellent base level beater. The metal one will be more of a travel beater when I don’t want to wear thousands on my wrist.

The indices upper faces do a rainbow display under certain lighting conditions. It’s hard to capture but noticeable when you are walking around in sunlight


Nice watch.

I have the metal one. For its size and bulk it’s remarkably comfortable.

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Love mine too !

You need to get that sun on it more then and get the battery up to high…

Off to the Med for a month in November. Haven’t been there since 2020. That should zap it sufficiently.

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I got mine in January and with winter sun it took about two weeks and it was high then another week or so before the battery on the app showed full constantly

My solar family had an hour in the sun today.
Every little helps.


Had to wait a short while for one to come into stock but managed to collect a Speedmaster 57 last week from my local AD- very happy with the watch and the new bracelet design


Sun, Sea, Sand and Seiko :joy:


Sadly, the fabric of the JPM canvas strap I bought started to come apart, so I got a replacement, which promptly came apart too - the Hiline of watch straps. I therefore sent it back for a refund and bought a NATO instead. Unlike the JPM it can go in water, and hopefully will be more durable.


Not an exciting brand but a new daily wearer in the right colours!

Took a while to find something that does the ‘Swiss Army’ job I was after that wasn’t ugly and/or horrendously expensive for an everday thing, when this popped up on an email the other day.


Very nice!:+1:

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Looked at Timex yesterday and they had some nice watches

Hmm which Sarb today? 035 or 017?