Your Watch & Naim

I must admit, I was surprised at the number of parts, but also pleased. For me this isn’t an investment, but something I want to wear for a long time, so best to get any questionable parts changed now while the stocks are still available.

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That’s a lovely watch. Very similar in looks to the Avia I got for my 18th birthday.
A friend of the family, a pseudo “uncle”, had one that I lusted after. Despite an offhand promise that one day it would be mine it ended up with first my uncle and then my cousin. It no longer runs and my cousin is too tight to have it repaired and unwilling to sell it. A real shame.

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Bought this military style watch for work as it’s robust. The hands have green tritium that glow in the dark. Quite handy in the middle of the night to see the time instead of reaching for the phone


Oh well, Steve, never mind.

Console yourself with the thought that your tight cousin can’t get much use or enjoyment out of a broken watch. Just ask him every time that you see him what time it is, and see how long it takes him to twig.

I can understand him wanting the watch because his Dad wore it for 30 years but I can’t understand him not wanting to have it repaired and wear it. It’s way too nice to be stuck in a drawer.

It’s more than faux military style it was issued to the S*S . They are super watches and a nice firm to deal with .


You learn something new every day. :+1:t2:
Great company to deal with and very happy with my purchase.

This is my entry for the Your Watch and Naim / Pics from the Listening Position crossover category.


It is an acceptable listening position only if you belong to the very far side of progressiveness…

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Spot the difference;


Both watches made by G.Monnin in France, one for the now almost forgotten French watch co. Pax, and the other for the rather better known Heuer. Both use the same Valjoux 7765 chronograph movement, and a similar fumed dial (slightly different colour shade) with blue subdials and blue chapter ring. The hands are the same albeit a different colour scheme. Case, crown and case back are identical as was typical from this watchmaker. The straps are after-market, JP Menicucci and Fluco.

The Pax was restored last year by my watch restorer, and he recently fixed the Heuer after I dropped it. Of the two, I think I like the Pax the best, although the Heuer is doubtless worth a lot more were I to sell them. All because of the name…


Now where did I hear something very similar before…!!!


PS They are extraordinarily similar - can you imagine the fun the legal beagles would have these days if they both went to market?

Tics from the Listening Position.



There are some others that are also very similar to the Heuer 1614 and Pax shown above. As well as under his own name of George Monnin, he made this model for a number of small French watch brands such as Maty, Clyde, Le Jour, Oxhor, Jean Guillemin, Lasita, Pirofa, to name just a few. He also used the 7765 with a similar dial in a few other case types, including a lovely large diver case with 22mm lug width and two way diving bezel for brands like Maty, Le Jour, Chronosport, and Difor.



I just got this newly released Tag Heuer Aquaracer 200 Pro Solargraph Titanium. It uses a movement powered by light built by La Joux-Perret… a company owned by Citizen. It’s all grade 2 Titanium with a kind of sandblasted finish, really super light and comfortable. It ticks all the boxes for me!


Color Grey


Does the sub dial on the right with the date window do anything, or is it just to balance out the face?

It does nothing, the ‘sub-dial’ for the date just balances things out stylistically. The date wheel is a roulette type on both watches.

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Definitely a favourite of mine, Nigel, understated but quality time piece.

Ready for the doomsday

No batteries needed

This is my second favourite watch after explorer39 regardless of price