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Clown watch.



I have one of those, and it’s just a lovely watch in a sensible size and really comfortable to wear. Nobody gives it a second glance, which is just perfect. I also have a white Milgauss with the crazy orange second hand, which I just love. Unfortunately it’s just conked out and is off to be fixed under warranty. The thick case and 40mm width is the biggest I’d ever consider.

Incidentally, a few months ago there was a thread about watches.

Yep I think anything over about 40mn is large, likewise anything much over 6mm or so thick. A nephew of mine wears a Rolex that looks about 50mm by 15mm thick, which to me is both ridiculous and ostentatious…

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Rolex don’t make a 50mm watch. 42mm is their largest. It must be something else.

I thought 44mm was the largest - Deep Sea & Yacht-Master II. Still nowhere near 60mm!


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I think they still are

It is a Rolex, but having asked him to take it off to check I can confirm that the visible case between strap ends is 42mm, and thickness ~14mm. But that is HUGE compared to my present watch’s 32x4mm, and my largest watch of 34 by a very chunky 8mm.

I saw your wrist shot on PF, looks great on you! Do you still own the EXP 2?


I’ve heard certain sports models are nearly untouchable in the UK, like the BLNR. Even long waiting lists for the Sub.

That’s my 114270, 36mm Explorer. It’s still very much here.


Very nice, I’m sure your Millie will be returned good as new, with a nice polish. Rolex service is second to none.

Furthermore it loses contact with the time server every now and then, but support says it’s a “network issue”.



Hallo citizen



Only decent watch was a 1962 Omega watch I bought for my wife a couple years back to celebrate her birthday of the same year. Needs winding twice a day but has been faultless. She’s offered me a new Omega but I stay with an Apple iWatch and on old Seiko which I use when I’m up ladders painting…not worth a cheesy watch for that…

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This is what I have been wearing since 2014.

Just what I needed after a twelve week cardiac rehab program following surgery. It tells time just fine, along with tracking heart rate, distance, flights of stairs, calories, sleep patterns etc. It keeps me aware of daily goals and it has worked for me over the past five years.

…oh and it matches my black boxes…

Life is Grand!


Nice Polar! I’ve never tried on the new EXP2 but I’ve read it’s one of the most comfortable sports models in the Rolex catalog.

Thanks for sharing, great pic - such a warm and engaging room and great system!

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