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12 lovely Rolexes … but one still can’t tell what the correct time is :slight_smile: … btw my fave there would be the Polar Explorer 2 :+1:


A much smaller watch box!


I like the Seamaster, which I assume to be of ‘60s or early ‘70s vintage.

Great watches Panerai

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Yeah, my dad won it in 1965 in a game of cards when stationed in the Persian gulf with RAF. Think its 1963… needs a service tho.


One of the Omegas - it may have been the Seamaster - was the first widely-available automatic wristwatch.

Grand Seiko White Birch hi-beat. 9SA5 caliber.

Very difficult to capture its beauty and craftsmanship in a mobile phone photo.


Yema Superman 500
Yema2000 in house caliber


Absolutely stunning!

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Thank you

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just perfect…

I just tried one of these on at a GS boutique. They really are stunning in the flesh. Extremely tempting!!

Yes - they are wonderful watches and the level of craftsmanship is off the scale. I was recently in Tokyo and visited the flagship Seiko building in Ginza. The GS models they have there (many of which are not available in UK and Europe) are amazing. Have you seen the Credor watches? Another level beyond GS!!!


I must admit I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and explanation of the inspiration behind the various finishes etc. The one I tried was the SLGA009 with the spring drive (so not the same as yours, but a very similar finish).

I was surprised that they are quite a bit cheaper here than home (currently in Singapore) whereas most of the other watch brands seem to have gone with a more or less “global pricing” model. (Another watch I quite fancy, different brand, is within about a tenner of being exactly the same price here as it is at home in gbp.)

We’ll see, “cheaper” is still not “cheap”! I’m here for a few more days, see if I crack. I’ll be in Japan in spring, maybe wait for then.

Had never heard of credor so I just googled them. Oh my: incredible!!

That’s a good plan. I bought mine in Tokyo. A big saving on UK list price.

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$120K in watches( closer to $200k ) Don’t tell anyone where you live.


Probably watch hell for some on here :laughing: But i like them.


Like the Casio!!!

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i was soo close to buying my g shock in yellow… but i figured a bit too old to carry it off!

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