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Just bought this oyster date in pristine condition with still the sticker on the back


Very nice, and understated. Lovely.

Noice, very noice. :+1:

Beautiful unfussy design :+1:

I thought much the same at my age :rofl: But i bought it to wear for work, so thought it don’t matter if i can carry it off or not :grin:

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I don’t normally like Rolex watches because of the rotating bezel, but that is a beauty. Very nice.

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Took a punt on a Limited Edition Bambino with the baby blue dial - after swapping out the terrible chamois strap it is a looker …


not too dissimilar in design from my 1980s Air King

Not a chronometer



A nice return to the original post, great watch and gear hi fi. :+1:


@Ian2001 My IWC Mark XX is back from its second visit to the service centre. It wasn’t winding itself, so unless manually wound it kept stopping. It returned after its first visit in the same state as that in which it arrived, so needed to go back for a second time. This time they have replaced the pawl wheel and reverser - I’ve no idea what the latter is - and have assured me that it’s now fully working as intended. The proof of the pudding will be in the wearing of course.

I can’t say I was an entirely happy bunny about all this, but these things unfortunately happen but the IWC concierge service were hugely helpful and I did manage to get a metal bracelet out of IWC for no charge, and they fixed a dent in the bezel at no charge too. It looks totally different on the bracelet, compared with the strap, and it’s good to have both. With the quick change system it’s possible to swap between strap and bracelet in a few seconds, unlike a Rolex or Tudor where you need to fiddle about with tweezers and of course risk scratching the lugs. It’s all very clever.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I can’t see why anyone would want to change their strap on a Rolex. I hope your IWC is all sorted now, and you don’t have any further issues. It’s a lovely watch.

When I had a Milgauss it spent most of its time on a brown leather strap, hence the need to swap between that and the bracelet. I became pretty good with the Burgeon tweezers.

Goodness knows how the XX got through QC in the first place I’ve no idea, and then how it spent seven weeks with IWC and came back without being fixed is another question. Let’s hope they have finally sorted it out. They were certainly very responsive, and giving me the bracelet was a nice touch.

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It is a lovely watch though! I have my eye on one as well.

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The real challenge is whether to choose black, white, green or blue, as they are all lovely in their own way. The colours are very cleverly done, the Mark is green whereas the Chrono is blue, but often they look black, just a little less black than the actual black versions.


I would love the white but, at my age, I need high contrast!

They look really lovely. You mentioned the easily replaceable strap/bracelet system. Does that allow you to chop and change the straps between the two watches too? Are they a common size/design in that regard?

You can swap the straps but not the bracelet, as the lugs are a different design, albeit both are 20mm. The Chrono has thicker lugs. I’ve actually asked IWC if it’s possible to get the two pieces that fit the lugs separately, as it would be easy to swap these while keeping the rest of the bracelet as is. I bet they won’t be cheap though.

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That was a very generous “ Sorry “ the bracelets are over a grand to buy.
There’s a second hand bracelet only online just now £750. :scream: :+1:t2:

Indeed. I thought I was a bit cheeky asking, but they obviously realised they’d messed up big time. The cost to them is going to be way less than the £1,000 and I’m a happy customer, so it makes sense all round. The Concierge staff based in the Netherlands, who I’ve spoken to several times and have many emails to and fro, have been a delight to deal with, and once they’d accepted that things weren’t right they really did pull out all the stops to remedy the situation. That’s assuming it really is fixed of course…….

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