Your Watch & Naim

Blimey! That’s brilliant. As my leather strap needs renewed at £200 I toyed with the thought of a bracelet…until I saw the price!


To coin a phrase “ You Won A Watch “ :+1:t2:

Glad it’s now sorted. I suspect it will have been tested to death before they returned it to you. I’d expect no further issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Christopher Ward C60 has now arrived. Left on the doorstep by DPD :astonished:. I’ll advise CW on Monday.


I do like it with the leather strap. I got that strap with my green and bronze ltd edition. Unfortunately I seem to have developed an alergy to it and get a rash whenever I wear the strap! I now have the black strap for the one in your pic and the green one for the ltd edition (pics further up the thread)

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I wonder if the ‘distressed’ process adds something to cause your allergic reaction. :thinking:
Ill give mine some wear and report back.

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That Mark XX is a really nice looking watch. I hope they’ve sorted it out properly for you this time.

I wore it for 6 months without issue so I wonder if I have inadvertently got something on it that is causing the issue.

Possibly. I recently came out in a rash of tiny red spots on my arms and legs, it made wearing my stainless bracelet Sealander very uncomfortable.

I’ve switched laundry liquids and all has been ok since. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s hope so! It’s still going…. And I do like the bracelet.


Bought this out of interest and because i like it too. NH35a movement. Great for garage and suchlike where you dont want to bang your expensive watch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now with 3 automatics I need a winder…:thinking:


May I ask what this is?

Now you’ll start the debate as to whether a winder is good for a watch or wear them in rotation… I have 4 automatics and one is a daily while the others are in a case and I wind them fully once a month to keep oils moving about and wear them on high days and holidays.

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Is that a genuine military watch or is the ‘crow’s foot’ simply used for ornamentation?

It’s a Tandorio Chinese watch. £63 from eBay.

Judging from my timegrapher the movement is unadjusted but regulated well enough to be within Seiko’s own specifications. Not bad for the money. The lume is crap though!

I’ll check again on the timegrapher in a few weeks time. At this level of finishing some running in is likely to be beneficial.

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Yes, possibly :thinking:
I’ve bought a double winder on a black friday deal after some research e.g. this winder spreads the TPD or 24 hours so is quite gentle.

I’ve bought this winder. Roog WW6.


Very posh!

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I was going to say it’s an ex MOD watch , possibly pilot given the size, but then I read down.

Try the Cabot Watch Company for more authentic watches ,

All of mine get worn, but not on a fixed rotation. Could easily happen that one particular one hasn’t been worn for months on end. When not worn they’re resting, I don’t have or want a winder.

Perhaps I should indeed consider winding them once in a while.