2 x RCA to 5 pin DIN Cable

I’ve been looking online for a 2 X RCA to 5 pin DIN cable. I found one described as Naim, messaged the seller, and he says it is a genuine Naim part. Only thing is the RCA plugs look strikingly similar to those on a cable that came up on my search priced at £20. I expected a Naim cable to be grey - the image just doesn’t ring true with me.

I believe Naim used to do a cable in this configuration. Can anyone who knows what the genuine article looks like confirm the cable in the picture as genuine please.

If this isn’t genuine I’m torn between a Chord Clearway and a design a cable offering.

That doesn’t look like a genuine Naim cable - The cable is not what Naim use and the RCA plugs look very cheap.

Have a read of the FAQ to see what one should look like


My thoughts exactly.
However, it’s on the website of a company with a physical premises who deal in Arcam, Cyrus, Devialet, Musical Fidelity and Naim to mention just a few.
I have an email from them confirming it is a genuine Naim part but something doesn’t seem right.
Maybe @Richard.Dane or someone at Naim can confirm.

Well I’d say that picture you’ve posted doesn’t match what I’d expect the genuine part to look like.

Steve, this is what a genuine Naim RCA to 5 pin phono looks like.

I’ve seen the picture you posted - it’s on the Audio Affair website - but it must be wrong, or some sort of special cable. I bought mine, which is in the picture, from Audio T last year. It cost either £105 or £115, I don’t remember.

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In my email to them I wrote “… Is this a genuine Naim part? I expected a Naim signal cable to be grey”.

Thanks for that HH. Wasn’t going to name them but you got it bang on.

I just sent them my picture, had a chat and they will look into it. According to the chap I spoke to, the picture they use comes direct from Naim. I’m sure that if you ordered one you’ll get what I have. If in doubt, buy elsewhere. It’s a jolly good cable at a very good price. I use it to connect my Rega Aria to the SN3.

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I agree. Unless something has changed, at Salisbury…?

For Naim, yes - by Naim, no - IMO…

Mystery solved. Have emailed again with HH’s picture and asked them which cable it is. It is indeed the grey Naim one. Thanks again @hungryhalibut , your photo saved the day.

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So the OP’s original picture is/was wrong then…?

You are most welcome. Hopefully they will sort out their picture so as to avoid this unnecessary confusion.

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The picture in the FAQ is from my very own collection of Naim interconnects, so the RCA-DIN cable is I believe still the current standard Naim offering (Lavender grey with gold Chord-type RCA phono plugs).

Unless I’m mistaken your pictures don’t include the 2 RCA to Din 5, just the Din 4 version. My picture above is of the current Din 5 version, which looks exactly the same other than the number of pins.

Correct, but they look the same. There was little point in picturing all the different versions of the same interconnect and the DIN4-RCA just happened to be the one shown that fell to hand at the time.

So it appears. The proof will be when the cable lands.
The description on the website now says “grey cable” which it didn’t two weeks ago. The picture is still the same though.

I think you have done the Due Diligence, such that if its not the right (Naim) cable, you could certainly return it… :thinking:

How much… may we ask…?

The Audio Affair website says that the cable is 1.25m long. Mine is only 1m long, which suits me better. Naim obviously make two versions, but I didn’t know they made the 1m one until Audio T sold it to me.

It’s no secret - £105. Cheaper than the Clearway, which is a bonus it it turns out to be the right cable!

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From the FAQ:

Naim RCA-DIN Interconnect1

Pictured above - Naim RCA-DIN4 Interconnect. Grey or grey with a slight lavender tinge outer sheath, black tails with green direction arrows and marked “Naim”, 2 x gold plated RCA Phonos at source end, DIN4 at the other end. Used for connecting a unit with RCA pre-outs to a Naim power amp. Other versions: 2 x RCA Phono to DIN5 (180), for connecting non-Naim sources to a Naim pre-amp; Also available as DIN-RCA interconnects, with DIN4 for connecting a Naim pre-amp to an RCA input power amp, or DIN5 (180) for connecting a Naim source to the RCA input of a pre-amp. Length 1.0m