<$20 Vinyl Records That Sound Alive!

Tell us about those <$20 records that sound alive on your system but don’t break the bank.

I’ll go first: Ry Cooder, Chicken Skin Music (1976), found in an independent record store for $14.99! Sounds incredible.

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Assuming that is 20 US dollars, British equivalent is £15.78. But what do you mean by record? Vinyl LP, CD, or downloadable recording file? For CD a quick look at prices on Amazon suggests there is any number available, so I’m guessing you might mean vinyl LP?

Correct, vinyl records. The kind we spin :tornado: :loud_sound:

Not even twenty bucks. A freebie used as packing between other records.

It sounds fab! I’m no great lover of most C&W, but this stays!

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These are all at £15 that I’ve bought the last month or so. The last one was Four Tet “New Energy” that’s a double album. These all sound great, probably all back to £20-£30

“Cheap as Chips”



I bought Cool Struttin’ for the same.
HMV sale rack?

Amazon. I do this by searching all Blue Note Vinyl every few weeks and often see Classic or Tone Poets at reduced prices.

Did look at the HMV sale but must have missed it.

The problem is I can’t refuse a bargain, so have bought far too many in the last few months.


Paid $16. M-, sounds incredible with pitch black background and unbelievable dynamics. Highly recommend!


£11.99 in the Mr Bongo sale. Back up to £20 now. Remastered, great SQ

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