252 Sound Signature

Yes they’re all rips from the my UnitiServe. I have noticed 1 or 2 classical albums are a little confused but from what I’ve read on other threads here that’s not that unusual.

I suspect that the uPNP server of your Synology NAS is inferring metadata from the name of the track, the artist folder that the album is in, and the album name from the folder that the music files themselves are in.

Unless of course the server is also showing genres for the music, in which my wild guess is out. Audio Station is one of the Synology-provided packages in DSM (DSM being the name for the Synology Operating System).

It does show genre (not always correct but not that bad) so I’m not sure why. I’ll ask my IT guy when he’s here next week.

First step taken toward hearing the 300DR…baby step, perhaps…

Disconnected the SC2 so Superline is now on 252 Aux2, thus freeing up rack space for the 300PS if and when…

Assuming I get on with Aux2!

Initial listen on A2 - very nice indeed, perhaps indicating that my SC2 was in need of a service. Music sounds very ‘of a whole’ as I’ve seen it described in other threads. And is bass more present or are my ears going mad?

Hmm…Aux2 for the next week or two, see what I think after that.


got the Nap 300 Sarum T cable and 252 plumbed in last night even remembered to destress the burndy by giving it a waggle (after reading it on here somewhere)

any other tips on cable dressing / placement to get best out of it ?

current rack is bamboo SVT with double shelf on top with the brass feet, also use support under my equipment metal ones that use cermic ball bearings which have made a positive difference on my components

rack order currently DAVE top shelf > 252 > Zenith mk3 > 300 head > supercap DR > 300 PS > ER & ER LPS

will try swapping out DAVE and 252 (tried this with the 282 and preferred DAVE on top but know 252 more sensitive)

not had proper listen yet just got it running on low volume will do that over course of next few days and report back :slight_smile:

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Quick update as have had things running continuously on the nac252 since Thursday so should have about 100 hours on things now. Noticed things improving over that time with a good few ups and downs. But really seemed to click into place yesterday.

Also thanks to folks tips on set up destressing cables, kit positioning, etc as that also made a difference. Currently still have dave dac on top and 252 on second shelf but seems happy and is sounding really good so leaving for time being.

In terms of sound vs the 282 it is a different presentation not as forward, which I missed during the burn in but when things settled in the 252 is way ahead of the 282 in terms of micro detail, soundstage and a more natural/refined sound. I have noticed this most with some rock music courtesy of queen’s of stone age villans which sounds more like a live sound as could discern instruments more than ever before. Not best description but am pleased where sound is

Cheers Mat


I had the same all or nothing volume issue with my old arcam delta 90 amp, since 2015 I’ve had Naim uniti 2 then n272, I’m going to dem 282 soon as part of possible upgrade, but not looking forward to using 282 volume pot which seems like a retrograde step in term of ease of use. For Naim to change classic pre amp volume pot would a major headache for them IMO, I expect there are developments in the Naim RD pipeline


What is the problem with the volume control? You get the finest of adjustment with a nudge on the remote.



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I find nothing happens with a quick prod on the r/c, a slightly longer prod may or may nudge it up slightly but usually nothing happens at first, and a longer press takes a moment to invoke a change and then suddenly it’s shot from quiet to Jolly Loud before I’ve had time to react. It’s not a smooth fluid constant scale or rate of change.

The best way to make a small change is to repeatedly stab at the + button till it changes, or just walk the 5 steps to do it by hand.

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Try three/four/five short presses. One isnt noticable in itself but find a number that works for you.


Or just get up, that’s the best way. Seriously, it’s awful compared to the way the 272 remote volume worked, in that it just worked - volume was readily and easily adjustable without hoping or guessing and without suddenly waking the house up. We all know that what sounds quite reasonable in the early evening is window-shattering at 3 am. It’s exacerbated by the 252 having a much narrower usable volume band, from perhaps 8 o’clock to not much more than 10.

When I need exercise I just play some vinyl.

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Agree, I’d rather go for a bike ride than put an LP on.

If you press the volume twice, (one quick tap and then press and hold), it moves at half speed.


Wow. And it’s even in the manual! :slight_smile: Thank you! (and works with system automation too, though I need a bit more practice)

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We were not quite at 500 posts and you let the cat out the bag

Seriously - thanks didn’t know that :+1:

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I have found this short double tap to be the useful default behaviour with the 282 and 252 remotes, but I am still struggling with volume control via the NDX2 remote and system automation on the 252. My iPhone seems to respond a bit erratically to my finger jabs, too, so my fingers might just be closer to sausage dimensions rather than the quill proportion and more subtle nudge that better suit the NDX2 remote.

Have you tried setting the max volume (settings / audio settings / max vol) in the naim app to 50%? That should make the slider less sensitive and help to eliminate unwanted jumps.

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Am I missing something again? There is no slider with system automation, nor is there a settings / audio settings / max vol