282 & NDX2 better than a 222?

I’ve owned a 252/SCDR/300. Source at that time was a NDAC/XPS2 and speakers S400. Admittedly it was a decade ago and the speakers are quite different (and the room). So can have a bit of a comparison with the 222/300/250. The detail retrieval and rhythm/timing is the same in my view. I think the noise floor is lower and the stage similar. Very similar presentation to my 252, so a bit leaner in the mid bass than the 202/200 I had before that. 6 boxes rather than three, lots less burndys and no humming.


Not to annoy anyone in here, but down under a brand new 282+NAPSC+HCDR or a 222 can be had for £4K. A 252+SC would be £8.5K. Luckily for me, I don’t like its presentation and find the 282 much more entertaining.

Frustrating I can’t compare the two in my own closet of a room but happy I can still -barely- afford this hobby.

Thanks for all your input, much appreciated!



although I own and enjoy very much my 282/HCDR, I would just buy a 222 today.

Not based on any listening test, but technology does move on, the new statement volume control will be more neutral on the the 222.

one less box, what’s not to like?


and yes the 282 is a 3 box amplifier.

and the power supply (HICAP)… can also be driven by NAP 200DR but that is discontinued.

I have a 282/250DR and an unNaimed power supply. A very musical combination.
My digital source is a Roon endpoint in the form of a Topping D90LE.
My vinyl source is a modded PT1/RB300/Dynavector 10x5
Kudos speakers.
Looked after in the most by #Cymbiosis.
I am perfectly happy with my singing system. What is the point of me spending thousands to do an upgrade that would be the same as switching from 720p to 1080p on a 43" TV set. Small tweaks are all I can afford. If you are happy with your 282/NDX2 stick with it. If your dealer will lend you a 222 to try at home, then do that. Listen for a few hours to the 222, then go back to your 282/NDX2, is it worth it?


My dealer has all their Naim boxes tucked away in storage therefore a home demo is out of the question.

  • If I go 222, I can offset 50% of the cost by selling the NDX2 - I would keep the 272 to upgrade my UQ2 downstairs. And then, macgyver a weird balanced XLR to unbalanced XLR cable.

  • If I go 282+napsc+HCDR, there’s no offsetting to speak of, I get the analogue volume pot and I also need to accommodate for another shelf for the power supplies.

What would Mark Watney do? HH suggests to go either way and don’t look back, which makes sense.

By the way, the A2A 250NC stock has been exhausted but they still have NPX300 units at £3400 each. Which presents another dilemma: is a 222+NPX300 (at £7700) better or at least at the same level with 252+SCDR+NDX2 (at £11.200)?

Only my snoring is louder than the hum on my 252/SCDR set-up. Tbf to my SCDR…I discovered my snoring is VERY loud on Friday after my wife recorded it on her iPhone


Yes but the presentation is significantly different. I’ve not heard the new range (hoping to after Xmas) and I might like it. But I know a respected dealer who’s done Naim as their primary flagship brand for decades and they are not convinced by the change in sound signature at all. To them, it’s a step back back - certainly they don’t have cloth ears.

Ergo, there is no foregone conclusion with hifi. Cost won’t always be an indicator and personal preference will vary greatly.


IIUC your profile already suggest you already have NDX2 + NAP300DR.
Pricing is true for all new boxes, but around equal otherwise.
The NSC222 is good as an evolution, rather than revolution.
I tried NPX300 on my NSC222 (with NC250) in two different rooms. In one the ps was enjoyable, in the other room, it was better without.
So some caution on when the NPX would work individually.
NDX2 + 252 + SCDR +300DR is a great combo, been there.
To improve add ps to streamer and imho it would surpass the 222 combo. The latter is a combined streamer pre, as you know, so only future upgrade you would ever have to make, is if the streamer functionality didn’t meet future needs, which I think is less likely, compared to the first gen streamers.


Does it !
Sometime I have the feeling sideway moves happens more often.

There’s often a connection between money burning in your pocket and shiny new boxes.
Admittedly I experienced exactly that and went for a Nait 50 :sunglasses:

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My ears and expectations have changed, I only seek source upgrades now, not amplifier upgrades anymore. I have a limited budget. Source upgrades give me more enjoyment


I can only agree on that.

I’m not interested in streaming but source first still vote for me.

Some amplifiers from the 70s/80s still wipe many of todays offerings.


Whoooaaa! that can’t possibly be true…or maybe ?? Absolutely I think that is sometimes a factor.

With Naim’s record on servicing, the range changes, have provided opportunities for some cracking deals; bought sealed box 250DR late last year at half the price of NC250.
Admit, I did order NSC222 + NC250 without audition when announced, although I had been waiting a long time, avoiding a 272 and using a Nova (which wasn’t aided by a trial of an added NAP), in a difficult room, where two boxes was likely a limit (NPX could have been added, but see previous post).
The performance of the 3 series boxes is excellent - but at a price against vfm of recent OC options.


Maybe that is the best way to resolve the Classic v New Classic debate…they are both amazing as they are Naim high end Hifi, it is just that one has green lights vs white lights and one has c.5-6 vs 3 boxes?? I very much doubt that will land but it is how I frame it.

Edit - and you can buy those with green lights a lot cheaper nowadays. I fear a backlash :disappointed_relieved:


It’s nice to have so much choice.
I’m absolutely delighted with my new set up.
Coming from a single Devialet 250 non-Pro it’s been possibly the biggest upgrade I’ve ever made in one go. In retrospect getting my 252 and 300 serviced would have been better than selling but I also needed a simpler system at the time.


Sometimes it’s about simplicity and getting something newer and what works best for you. My experience of 222 300 250 NC is it’s a great system. It does everything you ever need.

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