282 or 252 power requirements

I’m sure the info is available somewhere but it’s not clear, so over to you guys.

I’m beginning to ponder moving up from a 272 to an NDX2 + 282 or maybe 252, most likely via the second hand route tbh. It’s not clear to me what combination of ps boxes are needed (as opposed to desirable) for the 282 or the 252. What’s the word from the cumulative experience on here?

It’ll go into a 250DR (not a 200 that has some ps options built in), and I have a 555PS that currently powers the 272. I’m happy to go in stages depending on what I can find for a good price, so it might be the NDX2 first and use the 272 for pre-amp duties, or the other way round if that falls into place.

Using a 250, you need external PSU. The 282 requires a NAPSC, this comes as standard. It will then require a minimum of one Hicap, alternatively 2 Hicaps or one Supercap. The 252 can only be powered by a Supercap (no NAPSC needed).

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With a NAP250, the NAC282 needs at least a Hicap. From there you can go to two Hicaps or a Supercap. NAC252 needs a Supercap.

The 252 is more straightforward then, requiring just one Supercap. Thanks for that clarification.

A 282 with the NAPSC (supplied as standard presumably?) + a HiCap will give me a working system, and I can then improve it with another HiCap if & when. What does the SuperCap replace? Low box count is preferential…

On a 282, the NAPSC is always required, but it is quite small compared to other Naim PSUs. The Supercap would replace one or both of the Hicaps.
So a 252 is a 2 box solution, a 282 is a 3/4 box solution, it’s worth looking at a picture of a NAPSC to see its size.
If you can audition I’d recommend it, most people find the 252 a serious uplift from the 282, some (myself included) prefer the 282’s presentation.

Got it. Thanks for the prompt responses.

The NAPSC comes with the 282 as standard. Supercap is supposedly better than two Hicaps - I can only state that a Supercap is better than a single Hicap as that’s what I did on my 82.

If this helps on sizes this is a 282/250DR. the very bottom rack has the HiCap on the left and the NAP on the right. A Supercap is same size as the"Normal" boxes.

So to sum up:

282/NAPSC/one or two HiCap - or - Supercap


HiCap is a half-size box as you see in biddler66’s photo. You could put 2 of them on one shelf.

Supercap is a full-size box, identical in size to the 282 and 252 and the 250.

There aren’t many topics that include more posts than 252 vs. 282 at least on the old Naim forum. I own 252/SupercapDR (which I’ve used with both a 250DR and now a 300DR) and am thrilled with it with either of those DR power amps. I did try 282/HiCap/250.2 (the 250 version prior to the DR upgrade) a few years ago and was not as thrilled with it.

Another view of an NDX2 / 282 / NAPSC / HICAP DR / 250 DR based system. Gives you an idea of size comparisons.

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That rack looks v nice. Thanks for the contributions all.

Lovely, but hav them on naim naim glass.
Starting from streamer,you’ll be hooked.
And thank me , no more to say.
It’ that good!!

I very much endorse @Eoink advice. The presentations are very different and, like him, I preferred the (cheaper) 282.

While I can hear that 252 is clearer and more controlled than a 282, I’m very happy with my 282 and prefer to spend money on source upgrades…

Ok. So as recommended, I added 10mm glass under everything with Naim balls and cups.


Hope it sounds greater too now!

as others have explainded on the PSU’s for the 282/252

in the last couple of months I went from 282/HCDR to 282/SC - the uplift is nothing short of stagering to be honest, rest of my system is LP12, NDX and 300DR,

so in short the magic spot for me having owned a 282 since 2016 is the 282 with SC or SCDR

over the weekend I installed my 252 - another upgrade all together lifted eveything again and more to come following burn in - for me min AMP you would require with 252 is 250DR or above so that may be consideration - however the 282/SC/200 is lovely

choices - I posted over the weekend Journeys end, because that is where I now am with my system 252/SC/300DR - so as I sure you are I planned an end for me an d upgraded over the years to get there

enjoy the journey


I went from HCDR to SCDR with my 282, and now swapped out 282 with 252. Although I found an uplift going from HCDR to SCDR with the 282, I never really gelled with it. It’s only now I have the 252 my system has really come together. Better transparency and much tauter bass. It’s a superb preamp and a great partner with my 250DR and NDX2.

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I had a Nova, added a 250DR with the intention of upgrading the Preamp, and probably move to an NDX2. When I swapped the Nova for the 252/SC I was not prepared for the jump in quality. I’m using some lovely ProAc D30DS speakers and an LP12 (almost Klimax level…all but the Krystal Cart). The LP12 deserved a better preamp

Holy Moly…just a massive increase in almost everything. It’s actually taking a bit to get used to the extra detail, Bass clarity, midrange detail…

I heartily recommend the Nova to anyone, but I’m now in a different league.

Hi Marka, Do you have 4 balls/Cup set per glass plate? Where did you buy the glass plates? How think are they? I really like those. Did the plates/cups/balls better the sound quality?