300 series now out with dealers

Just goes to show how important it is to listen for yourself to decide whether any difference is worth it to you, no matter what others say on here. This forum is great for getting a feel for what to expect, and I really enjoy reading people’s thoughts, but at the end of the day enjoying the music is all that really matters, and that means different things to different people. :person_shrugging:


I’m not sure if that’s safe with LED Zeppelin


Exactly. In my system the NC250 made the 250DR sound not right. It was a bit shocking.

So much so we double checked to see if it was out of phase.

This with an almost Klimax Spec LP12, 252DR and Spendor D7.2’s

It does sound a bit thinner at first but filled out nicely after a few days and the low end really kicked in around 5 weeks


That’s what my dealer said too, that it would continue to improve over the next couple of months, sounds fun :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a bit interesting to me as it seems to be a fairly common comment on here, that the 250 is leaner at first (& many saying the 222 is brighter at first), but then things improving after a few days. I’m wondering do you have another system to reference the changes your hearing too? If not, how do you know things are actually improving vs you just adjusting to the sound? Anytime I hear something that’s not great to start with & then it continuously improves as I listen, I’m always cautious & like to have a second reference to verify if the changes I’m hearing are real or not. I’ve only heard the 300 series, so don’t know what the 200 series sounds like.

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My 222 and 250 sounded great out of the box, not thin or harsh but certainly thinner than it sounds a month later. Every Naim system I’ve owned has improved from the first power up. But some components didn’t sound good from the start, 202,200,252, 250.2, etc, and never got good for me. I wish my ears would’ve adjusted to them.

I recall when I got my NDX2 after a Nova I thought it sounded very bright, maybe it did burn in but I’m more inclined to think it was my ear & brain adapting to the extra detail & info coming through. Incidentally I’ve traded in my NDX2 & SN3 blind for a NC 222 & 250 so we’ll see how that goes when it arrives, hopefully I won’t regret it & find it thin & bright as I quite liked the OC sound

Wow I hope it works out for you. You’re taking a risk going in blind. Especially since you like your set up.

Well I got a seriously good one-off offer so after 4 years with the other units I thought why not a change! Auditioning was not feasible unfortunately. If I don’t like them I’ll come over and track you down! I like the 2 box systems but knowing I can get a PSU if desired also a good beefy amp will open up speaker options although I’m happy enough with what I have. I’m thinking of it as more of a change rather than an upgrade and if it turns out to be a big upgrade then well and good. It’ll be another 3 weeks or so.


I don’t think it’s my ears getting used to it. It’s common for Naim gear to improve after you plug it in cold whether it’s used or new/serviced. The Brand new/serviced gear does take a bit longer as the components de-stress.

I have had lots of other gear that pretty much stays exactly the same after initial install. Good or Bad.

But who knows? I could just be crazy but it has really been a constant with new/used Naim Preamps/Amps.

My NAC272, NDX2,ND5XS2 and XPSDR changed a bit overtime but nothing like the Amps/Preamps

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Well fingers crossed it works out for you. After some bad experiences buying blind with certain OC components I’m ahead again after getting the 222/250 without a demo. Steve’s comments in the NC threads and first hand accounts of other members here are what compelled me to give it another go and I’m glad I did.


I can’t really say one way or the other, know lots of members say these things on here but many also don’t have another point of reference, so that doesn’t really tell us much. Most of my Naim purchases have been pre loved, so I can’t say I’ve noticed much change after the initial warmup. My 300DR was new & it sounded great from the get go & don’t think it changed much after that. Only thing I did notice with it is after a handfull of evenings the lower level listening took a big step forward (before this it didn’t sound any different vs the 250DR in this regard).

Rest assured that I haven’t bust a gut over the last eleven months to understand and optimise the performance of the New Classic 200 Series and lately the New Classic 300 Series only to compromise their musicality. I was going to save the following for another time however as it’s honed in the New Classic 300 Series also has just about the right amount of fluidity and nimbleness that is very reminiscent of the finest valve based components. These traits together with the other qualities gel almost seamlessly to give immense musicality. The New Classic 300 Series is very special.

How do they compare to Devialet in their respective price ranges?

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So it looks like I have a new(ish) Focal Naim Experience dealer close to me so I’ll be able to demo 300 series boxes at some point. Unfortunately they’re not due to receive inventory for a few months. Not terrible considering it’s my riding season now and I’m likely to get another motorbike. Which would push my purchase decision out to summer 24 when I’m spending more time indoors. Keep the 350 reviews coming.

Rick - as you’re a Naim dealer, I don’t think we can rely on you for impartial reviews.


Gazza, if your question is directed towards a Trade member then you may not get an answer as, with one or two exceptions, they cannot discuss other brands here, only comment on Naim kit.

Another question:

Will the bespoke burndy’s that connect between a CD555PS and the NSC222 use both PS burndy outlets on the CD555?

If they do then it would suggest that the entire CD555 PS is being used ?

Does anyone have a photo of this burndy combination that they could post ?

Yes all the 555 is used when using the OC to NC burndies. The combination is very good, and I’m very happy with it.


Awesome response. So clear and easy to follow !! Approx cost ?

Does one of the existing 555 burndys work with NC or do I need two new burndy cables ?