300 Series

So the 300 is rumored to be way better than the 500DR.
And the yet to be developed NC 500 is anticipated to better the Statement.

I guess we will eventually see a lot of Statements for sale when Statement owners are upgrading to the NC 500-series. I am now saving up and planning to pick up a set of Statement amps when this happens. Hopefully by then Naim will offer a way to enable the S1 to function with headphones…

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By your logic, surely Statement owners will be waiting for Statement 2 for their next upgrade?

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Indeed……if i was Naim and was serious about Statement i would do Statement 2, then the 500 series. And Steve Sells did mention being excited about a new big project.

Rumour has it that it’s Naim for SpaceX.



At an astronomical price😂


HiFi constellations with a myriad of black boxes :joy:

So now we know what the black monolith they found on the moon in the film of 2001 A Space Odyssey really was!



Naim have a history of long delays when it comes to releasing new products, but that is just ridiculous :crazy_face:

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It was perhaps a case of pretzel logic. In any case, I need headphone functionality and S1 is not accommodating.

Having read the HiFi news review of the NSS333/NAC332/NAP350, I compared the lab report of the NSS333 with the lab report of the NDX2.

I won’t pretend to understand it all (far too long ago since I studied at college) but if I am not mistaken, the NDX2 seems to hold up very well if not slightly better in some aspects.

It seems to me as though the NSS333 streamer is obviously packaged differently but maybe not a big departure from the NDX2. The sound signature may be different but I doubt that there is a substantial improvement.

Maybe the 333 is all about the packaging. two very similar streamers - one for the classic series and methods of connection and one for the NC connection methodology.

I am looking forward to having a listen to compare the 333 to my NDX2.


You could just read Steve’s comments about the changes they made to the NC streaming implementation, much more informative than a hifi review.


Where could I find that please?

He’s provided a lot of design explanation in the two New Classic threads (Part 1 and Part 2) if you do a search. Search on his username @110dB . Some members here are able to locate them quicker than I can but all of his comments are worth reading if you’re considering the NC.

Many thanks @ElMarko , I didn’t know his user name but can search for it myself now. Much appreciated.

I listened to the 333 with NPX300, 332 bare and 2 x 350s.

Look they are very very good. Accurate, detailed and neutral. They are not run in yet as they have only had them a short period so its too early to tell.

Comparisons with classic or Olive gear? I would say different sound signature and the 300 series are more neutral and lower sound floor.

It depends what you want. Olive and Classic have different characteristics. Some will prefer one over another.

When I discussed it with dealer he didn’t say one was better than another which is diplomatic.

Your ears, your choice.

I am happy with what I have. In summary the 300 series offers greater detail, neutrality and a lower sound floor. No hiss, just very clear sound.

I am used to an Olive, Classic and Chrome Bumper system which is warmer and somehow bolder and makes my feet tap more.

I am not saying one is better than another. The 300 is the new way Naim is going. Interesting times.


I have to think run in time is a factor if they’re not sounding warm. The 222/250 are quite warm and not as fatiguing as the DR kit. Perhaps the 300 series is a different signature than the 200 series. Interesting.

The boxes themselves look alot better than in photos. They are beautifully built. The 332 volume control is better than the Classic series and Olive. The system looks very very high quality. Quite beautiful in fact. They will have more visual and tactile appeal than the Classic series.

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If you connect 332 to an NDX2, will the display show the volume in numbers on the NDX2 as it does if you use a 333?:thinking:

I cannot see how that could happen. I guess that’s data pushed between new boxes and the optical cable?

Yes, that is very much my interpretation of the 333, a new streamer to match the design styling of the new classic range, rather than a significant improvement of the very good, and reasonably recent, NDX2.