552 as Update over 52 with nap 135

Source first will always rule!
“Balanced” systems is marketing BS.

When Julian started Naim, You were refused to buy an amp if you didn’t own a LP 12.
Today You are discussing amps without mentioning the source.
The times they are a-changin’

Drago, it’s still early days and urge you to give it at least a month before you decide which way to go with amps. Unfortunately, the jump you need to take is probably in the direction of a 500DR to really finish off your system. The 300 will be good but more of a sideways move and I fear only a temporary solution to your musical addiction.

I still have a pair of old, fully serviced, 135’s, which were used when my 500 went for a service and DR’ing, so I have a baseline to compare against the 500 and there’s quite a difference. What I think you are hearing is the 552 burning in but also highlighting the weaknesses of the 135’s. Everything will have that exuberant, slightly edgy, almost rough quality, which your 52 will have tamed at the expense of ultimate transparency. The 552 is now giving you a taste of that transparency.

Please just set yourself some breathing space before embarking on that next step. This will allow your 552 to settle down and give you some time to figure out the next move. Just enjoy the moment and music for now as it’s a long old journey from Olive to Classic!

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I actually think this is a very good option. Well, I would, it is what I have and it’s quite delightful.

No doubt a 500DR would be better, but at quite a cost. Personally I wouldn’t mix DR and non-DR, so would have a 300 DR with a 552 DR and ND555/555PS DR, over a 500 non-DR that would feel incomplete. It really comes down to how much Drago wants to spend, and the end goal.

Thank you all so much!
552 is used but I assume that there is this warm up ride going on …
You are fully correct - it is the transparency on one hand that is astonishing and breathtaking but also damn revealing and a bit rough at some songs / instruments. Same already happened with 606 - they are also more transparent than my SBL (mk1 with 1st tweeter). I have switched back to 52 and it was similar but with more transparency and detail …

500dr is the goal, but they do not come often. But they do come up.
300 will be interim - but they are reasonable priced as there are some in the market.
What could be the difference 135 to 300dr? 300dr is smoother? Lacking the musical flow of 135?

Will wait and see

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Been using 606s for well over five years originally with a ND555, 252, Supercap dr and a 300dr. I changed to a ex demo 552 a couple of years ago this was the icing on the cake so to speak however the 552 seemed to take an age to settle.

Just give it time and I wouldn’t keep swapping between boxes as you will end up going around in circles. Sit back and enjoy the music.


Wise words - and the day I buy the 300 a 500 will come up on the horizon?

When I moved from 52 to 552DR I couldn’t really tell any difference to be honest. I sold the 52 so couldn’t swap them over again after I’d got used to the 552. It was only when I swapped the 135s for a 500DR that I felt it all sounded good together. However, when I recently had to move the equipment to another room, I found I couldn’t locate the fourth transit screw in the threaded hole. Having read a post recently from @RonToolsie in which he had similar doubts about the sound of the 552 compared with the 52 until he had the suspension adjusted, that nagging doubt about the 552 has returned. So on Thursday I’m taking my 552 and it’s PS in for service, even though it’s just short of its ninth birthday. I’m hoping that along with a couple of baskets full of new capacitors, the suspension can be looked at and its performance returned to that which it should be capable of. Fingers will be well and truly crossed!


52 vs 552 was a really big difference when I did A/B.
552 (a lot) more details and timing - 52 more forgiving

My 552 came with all 4 transit bolts.
Carrying (Even 1m distance) it is really hard as the „wobble“ seems to be shorter on the springs compared to the nd555. Hope I did not dislocate anything- no, I did not! I do Not pull it out again!

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As I said, unfortunately I was unable to do that back to back comparison as I sold the 52 just a week or so after installing the 552. As I’m unable to get that fourth transit screw to go in, it’s going to be collected from the shop by Darren (from Naim) rather than entrusting it to DPD!


You are so lucky that all is on your UK-continent! :slight_smile:


Yes, but this is my ‘small’ system, built around the brilliant Nait50.

I have a much bigger system upstairs - see the photo.


I see ,awesome system ! Never heard stacked 57´s,but I understand that they sound fantastic !
I have just installed Snaxo 3x Nap 250 into my DBL´s,fantastic live feeling,don´t miss the Nap 500 so much any longer…


Ah, yes the ‘damned big loudspeaker’, I heard a pair once at Grahams HiFi in London. A very different sound than stacked QUADs, but equally valid way of hearing things.

I thought that I had managed to find an n-Sub recently, but my VISA card was playing up at the time, and I couldn’t complete the purchase.

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Correct ,big they are ,but as they stand close to the wall it’s okay.

Could be interesting with a n-Sub for the 57´s.I had one with active Linn Kans for some time, but in the end the Kans were too fast for the n-Sub,so it was better without it in my system…

That’s great! Less risk for burglary here then :smile:

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Never heard DBLs and not looking forward doing so :rofl:
I think I would fall in love.

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Could get 300dr for a good price with return window… thinking about it… today sound is fine :yum:

I made some fine tuning.
First checked if the transit bolts gu fine in - yess they absolutely do. Locked them carefully and delockecd again.

Positioned the 552 in front of the Glass shelf (approx. 1 mm from the front edge) - is this the correct position?
I think @Darkebear is some expert here :slight_smile:

Front facia of the 552 to align with front edge of the glass shelf that is aligned with the front of the fraim shelf is how I understand it.

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