552 as Update over 52 with nap 135

Centralise the glass, then pull forward to the edge of the Fraim and move the 552 nearly in line with the front of the glass. Also worth carefully checking the Fraim legs are in the centre of the discs on the next level below. I would also rotate the balance knob from left to right about 20 times to wipe the pot. I do this about once a month. Mute the source on the bottom row of buttons with the source furthest away from the source you are using on the top row. Make sure your interconnect is swinging freely and that the burndy and Snaic are as close to each other as possible, if needed cross them over but they should only touch in one place. There you have it. Sit back and enjoy some 552 magic.


My DIN DIN Super Lumina is too long to hang free without touching the floor so I have it hanging on the wall about half way in on a wall hanger. Maybe arranging it in a single loop not touching anything and hanging free would be better but there are so much cables so I cannot see how it could hang there free without touching other cables. Might get better when I move my 500 to bottom shelf and 552 to the top shelf. Trying to find energy doing it…

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Done it - I kept approx 1 mm to the edge/cut (found it in another posting here) At the back it a lot more space between end of 552 and edge. :smiling_face:
Does this also apply for nd555. I paced him at the end of Fraim glass fur Burndy touching reason with nac 52. Now I can move it a bit forward

I have all my boxes like this. Because it aligns and looks good too :slight_smile:

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You are my hero - have done most of the things. The balance pot - have not done it. Will do.
Rotating by hand?

One strange behavior I am doing… :grinning:
When I put off some cables, I always blow out the plugs with a Giotto rocket :rofl:
What if a bit dust have landed… never ever had any effect with this. But for peace of mind :grinning:

Just do it by hand :+1:

Long-long ago in my 552 days I found about there sounded best - and it still does with my ND555.
I experimented and listened and found too far into the glass became loose and fragmented and too far forward over-agressive and blunt, but the sweet-spot was about 1mm in from front level with bevel-edge of the Fraim glass.
I also found a very slight skew that you would not notice on the glass improved things with the ND555.

When you have it right it just sounds ‘right’ and you lose interest in the HiFi and want to play music and enjoy - that is when you leave it alone.



I found that you can’t quite square the ND on a lower shelf as one of the burndy’s comes very close to the rear leg, so I have my ND skewed very slightly. I have to say it does sound rather good!

Finally weekend… had a rough week at work.
Currently (after some sleep) I love it.
Still some recordings I have heared in such detail before - vocals where I suddenly understand what is the text they are singing… :rofl:

A few records are a bit more shouty as before (but this is also mood dependent). On the other hand records that were too bright before are now wonderful.

Still have an option for 300dr (and SL xlr-din) to buy with return window.
I know that will be difficult again, as it is a) interim before 500 is landing and b) a sideways move.
Sideways is difficult as I really think I will like the more silky sound of 300dr (think it is more silky) but also I will miss the roughness and grip of 135. grip is what they have.
I know 500 has all and more…

Also I have a Diamond Ethernet cable which I can get s/h without return option - too risky?
Also a SOtm cat7u with return option.
Still on vodka here - catsnake does not get me as it is a bit dull compared to vodka

You can sell the diamond very easily if it doesn’t work for you. But i doubt. It’s like the difference between Cdx2 and CDS3, if it talks to you.

No - had none of them … I tend to diamond as I already like the vodka.
Is it really easy to sell?
It is a 2,2k Euro cable. I am a bit tempted but it is risky also

You had both? Vodka vs diamond
As I remember diamond has all vodka has with less in the face and edges? Correct

Yes, I had both and prefer easily the diamond. Richer, more fluent, nicer , more open.
But 2,2 k is risky, mine is 0,75 m , around 800 euros. Can’t you try a much less length between PhoenixNet and Nd555?

No - price is much less. 0,9k.
2,2 was referring to its retail price.

Checked catsnake again…
Is there sooo much burn effect? It is not ready burnt in.
But in comparison to vodka is seems sharper (bright and edgy).
Vodka more flowing with better definition (still a bit edgy - as vodka is)

Thought that being eddy is more vodka characteristic and assumed the catsnake being all but not sharper.

Perhaps you could try the Neotech. Some say it’s very very good, and at similar cost as vodka.
Or find a 1m diamond length of diamond, which will sell easier.
Or you have Analogue Seduction online site, they sell Audioquest diamond and you can return after 14 days.

It is 1,5 m diamond. I think it is the common length and easier to sell.
Neotech is so stiff - don’t know if this will fit
Copper or silver neotech?

1,5 m for 2,2 k new. Whouah ! The prices increased. If it’s 1,5 m, then I would buy at the price above. Much easier to sell for that length.
As for Neotech, @Peder can respond. I don’t know. See in the search part .

Do you think a 300DR is really a sideways step? There have been many posts that it’s a significant upgrade. You might find it’s all you ever need, and it’s way cheaper than a 500DR.

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@drago will not stop until he reaches the highest limit he can financially access. If he takes a 300 dr, he won’t stop thinking « I wonder what a 500 dr would still give more ? ».
Next will be a second 555 dr and Chord M6.
When the limit will be reached, he will finally be able to fully enjoy his system.

A disease called « AUS » ( acute upgraditis syndrome).

I recommend some tea and 15 miles walk per day. A cold shower when home.