552 as Update over 52 with nap 135

500DR is one to go for ideally. But the 300DR is an option used by many here instead.

I am saying it is worth listening to and exploring.

For me It wasn’t what I wanted and saw it as a complete sideways move.

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It will be a sideways move for me as well … only for the balance … all classic / all DR.
But mixed works well as you have proven!

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Exactly, was thinking all DR. Let’s see what happens. I have even considered a 252 and Supercap DR instead of 52 Supercap 2.

Then I think Nah, leave it alone!

I remember your 252 thoughts - at this time (and even today) 52 was the better choice!
Leaving sweet spot can ba an expensive journey … I always feared that

I believe that the 52 and 252 were pretty similar, but I’m prepared to be told that I’m wrong on this!

One thing that I know for sure is that the NAC52 is a superb preamplifier. I wouldn’t swap my (very early*) version, although it’s well overdue a return to Salisbury to have a new sprinkling of fairy dust, as it has never been serviced.

  • I believe that my NAC52, which I bought from Grahams in Islington in 1990, was one the very first off the production line.

The 52 is handmade as well. Lovely casework. I prefer it to my 135s which were CB. Love Olive casework.

I would take the 552 over the 52 if I had funds though, knowing what it can do.

You’ve done the right thing.

Maybe just leave it all now for 12 months.


Sounds like you need a hand with your system. Can you get Audio T Brighton to help set up your CDX2.2 and service your kit?

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Thanks, Dan, I’m much more mobile than I was a few months ago - it’s really just a case of getting my ar*e in gear!


500dr for 20k not available anymore … for what it is good for …:sweat_smile:

52 is remarkable!
I will not sell mine - 1995 in 2022 full service!

Keep your olive stuff together! :smiling_face:

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252 is handmade too. Just sayin’…

This idea that 52 is somehow more artisan and 252 isn’t has come up before on the forum, and IIRC was quashed by Richard.

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Both 52 and 252 are beautiful preamps.

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I was actually trying to say the opposite - namely, that Naim had optimised their processes to permit more robot insertion of components, thereby having less reliance on fallible human beans!!!

I recall that post, Graham, and Richard’s reply - hence my post up stream. Afraid your intention didn’t come across that way at the time…but hey ho, so long as it’s clear now.

Go for a Nap 500 non DR,much better than 300 DR.

Or go active with the 606,active is always active…

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Or stick with the 135 @drago
Having owned a NAP300 then a 500 I’m more than happy with a 250 fronted with a 552. My whole setup seems more alive, realistic and such an enjoyable listen, I would think your 135s are more than enough for your Kudos 606s.

Now before people chip in and say my 500 wasn’t setup correctly well it was. I spent an age getting things just right with a duel Fraim stack, burndies massaged and off the floor the only thing that possibly let the 500 down are the SL2s but I wasn’t prepared to venture down the speaker route as overall the SL2s work incredibly well in my room.

For me the speaker rules the room not the amp get this right and there’s no need to look higher up the NAP range.

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@Drago has really top sources in the Phonosophie P3/Prefix/SC and ND555,so that will suit the top amps or active better.

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At the time of owning a full 500 setup my source was a Chord Dave / MScaler so no slouch.

That may be, but my LP12/ARO/A’geddon/Goldring-rebuilt Troika sounds pretty damn good with an Ortofon ST-7 step up transformer, Nait 50 and Falcon LS3/5As.

The absolute volume isn’t ear-shattering, but it’s as clear as a bell.


@graham55 You have got an top source ,for sure :+1:,that will sound even better with top notch Naim Pre and Power amps.:wink: