552 remote won't work with NDS?


Just bedding in my new (s/h) 552 and the remote (Narcom) doesn’t seem to work with the NDS. The outgoing 252 had a remote that worked with it fine. Is this just the way it is or is it something I can program? Not tried the slabby R-Com yet.


I assume you have the correct cable in place? If so you may have an early 552 which will require a modification to enable system automation. Best check with Naim service by advising the serial number.

If using stereo RCA it’s only one channel (minus/negative) of the cable that support system automation.

It is a recent version about 6/12 old.

Not sure what you mean re the cable/connections? The NDS is connected to the DIN input of the 552.


To my knowledge, a Narcom can’t control an NDS, yet you say the one you had before did. Which NDS functions are you trying to control?

If you connect the NDS and 552 with a suitable lead you can enable system automation and control the 552 with the NDS remote. Or so I believe.

As its so new, you perhaps should be contacting your Naim dealer - or Naim Support - support@naimaudio.com

I am wondering if I was previously using the NDS remote rather than the 252 one. It certainly controlled volume etc on the 252 as well as the NDS play functions. It has gone with my part ex 252 anyway!

I think I need to see if I have another remote in one if the boxes in the loft!


That seems quite likely. Try system automation too - get the wire, enable it in the app and off you go. You certainly don’t want to be using two remotes.

I have no idea about system automation wires etc. Have to do some homework.

I can always control it from the app anyway.

Not spoiling my enjoyment of the 552!


If you can control it from the app that means you have system automation set up and control of the 552 is via the NDS. It should then work through the NDS remote too, assuming you haven’t accidentally given it away.
Obviously the 552 remote(s) should control it without system automation.

OK. I feel an email to support coming on.


I assume by ‘control it’ you are referring to the NDS.

For system automation, connect remote out on the NDS:

To RC5 on the 552:

with a little wire - it looks like 3.5mm to RCA, and enable system automation in the app. You can then control the 552 from the NDS remote, or in the app. It’s very neat and makes life easier.

This little wire is £2.99 on Amazon:

Thanks, very helpful.

I think the problem is that I have sold the 252 with the NDS remote. I need to see if I have the 252 remote somewhere and swap it with the dealer perhaps.


Well, that was silly!

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The remote control you should have retained, for the NDS, should have a mixture of some white buttons and some black buttons.

The remote control that should have gone with the 252 should be the one with all black buttons.

At least this is the case for me…
I hope that might help to easily identify which remote you have left yourself with?

When I was at school I had my name label sewn into my uniform.

Just sayin……

So thats why I always had other peoples ill fitting clothes on !?

Yes, I have definitely sent the wrong one, I just need to find the old one!

Did you part exchange it with the dealer, or did you sell it on eBay?

You might just ask the buyer to swap remote controls at your expense.

I am ringing the dealer tomorrow.